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The 5 funniest Viners who totally get #mixedraceproblems

Ladies and gentlemen, the truth tea is scalding.

The six-second entertainment social media outlet known as Vine is no stranger to capitalizing on popular racial stereotypes. I swear, if I have to look at one more King Bach Vine trending on how “black people be like,” I’m done. Interestingly enough though, Vine is also becoming a place where bits of intriguing social commentary on problematic ideologies come to light.

In fact, there are even some genuinely comedic vines that touch on mixed race identity. Whether it’s touching on others’ assumptions, or the hilarious realities of having a multi-ethnic family, here are the top five best Viners that touch on our well-known mixed people problems.

1.  Lele Pons

Lele Pons is one of the first Viners to surpass a billion loops for her Vines.  She was born in Venezuela and is of Venezuelan and Italian descent. Having various backgrounds clash in a way similar to this specific Vine about international families is what a lot of mixed families can relate to.

2. Brandon Calvillo

Brandon Calvillo, (half Mexican, half white) is known for his sarcasm and snarky humor in his Vines. Often, mixed race people with Latin American descent are assumed to know Spanish, and mixed race people without Latin American descent are often assumed to know different languages because of “racial ambiguity.” Brandon’s emphasis on “half” is #realtalk.

3. Mightyduck

Mightyduck is best known for the Vines he makes with his family and pranking others. His father is black, and his mother is white. He’s also in an interracial marriage and has a biracial son. I know that monoracial individuals have to experience code switching too, but it’s more self-evident in mixed race people because of having to choose day to day how they’re going to identify.

4. Wellington Boyce

Wellington Boyce is known for his bluntness and relatable comedy in his Vines. This one touches on how, apparently, not only does every person of color with one race all look the same, but all mixed people look the same too, according to the majority. As a person who apparently looks like Tracee Ellis Ross, Maya Rudolph, Rashida Jones, and Halle Berry (okay, I’ll take the Halle Berry) all in one, I definitely relate to this particular Vine.

5. Lellalikeslasagne


Lellalikeslasagne isn’t viewed on the same scale as these other Viners. In fact, she spends a lot of time re-Vining other Viners. However, she speaks so much truth here, I’m surprised she doesn’t make more Vines about it! Ladies and gentlemen, the truth tea scalds so hot as she ticks off all the things mixed people are asked daily.

Some people find it sad that since there’s an app providing only six seconds of entertainment, our generation has smaller attention spans, or maybe we’re too easily amused. Despite these criticisms, it’s nice to know that there’s more to Vine besides the “Damn Daniel” and “Deez Nuts” trends. Vines that can actually spark constructive conversation are at one’s availability too.