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12 perfectly normal things that gross you out for no reason

I could've done without this today.

You have all the right to find boogers, roaches and bodily functions disgusting.  But there’s a list of other stuff we find disgusting for no apparent reason.

1. Having to drink from a shaken up bottle of water

There you go. All nice and shaken up. Now drink.

2. Warm seats

And let us not forget warm toilet seats.

3. When the waiter brings your sides jumbled up

When it looks like someone else ordered seconds.

4. Trying on a shirt someone has just taken off

Um, I changed my mind. Will try on these socks instead.

5. Leftovers in plastic bags

You save them for tomorrow and then you don’t feel like eating them because of how they look.

6. Yellow liquids

….in clear plastic bottles…abandoned at your door step.

7. The word “moist”

I’m just reminding everybody of this baby. Oh yes, and “bulbous.” *evil grin*

8. Finger prints on glossy surfaces

And it doesn’t matter if the hands are clean.

9. Feet, in general.

And these, in particular.

10. Re-rolled toilet paper

Or when someone realizes they’ve taken too much, and decide to save the rest for whoever comes in next. Appreciate it, but no thanks.

11. Soaked up bars of soap

When they’re sitting in a slimy white puddle … or pink, or green. But, wait, isn’t that what shampoo is? Slimy soap residue?

12. Rolled-up tufts of hair

Even cats find it gross. But, why were these hairs not so gross when they were on your head just 3 seconds ago?