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18 ridiculous things that always happen when you’re black at a mostly-white college

As soon as your history class starts talking about the Civil Rights Movement, everyone wants your opinion.

1. White people will say the n-word all. day. long. 

There doesn’t need to be an occasion.

2. Every white person you meet loves Kanye. 

But they’re ambivalent about Beyonce?!

3. You get invited to things and have to wonder if you’ll be only black person there. 

You are the only black person there.

4. The first day of each semester you’re quietly tallying how many black people are in your classes. 

There are 3. Total.

5. As soon as your history class starts talking about the Civil Rights Movement, everyone wants your opinion. 

Leave me alone.

6. People are always a little surprised when you tell them your major.

You mean you’re not just here to play sports?

7. If you mention some on-campus racism to your new white friends they’ll be really confused.

Meanwhile, your new black friends are like “Mmmhmm.”

8. You’ll take a Black Studies class with one white person in it who just doesn’t get it and wants to play devil’s advocate all the time. 

You all look at each other and consider fighting them.

9. Someone always has something casually racist to say. 

You’ll want to argue but you’re also the only black person in the room and you can’t fight all those people alone.

10. People will start asking you if things they do are racist.

But they won’t care about your answer.

11. You can’t find anyone to do your hair. 

But white people are so clueless about black hair they think it looks fine anyway.

12. No one to do it, but people keep asking you about it.

“Do they sew it into your scalp?” “What do you mean you don’t wash your hair every day?”

13. You’re shocked when you finally have a black professor who isn’t teaching Black Studies. 

Even better when they’re woke.

14. When you go to frat parties you’re the only one with style. And the only one who can dance. 

The things you’ve seen….

15. You’ll have made some black friends, but some of them will transfer to an HBCU.

Come back.

16. You’ll be told you need to go to an HBCU.

But…I…didn’t ask you.

17. You’ll be asked if you received a scholarship for diversity.

You mad?

18. God forbid should anyone point out your university’s racial nonsense – then all hell will break loose. 

It’s about time.

  • Chelsea Hensley

    Chelsea A. Hensley is a writer from St. Louis. She recently graduated with a BA in English from the University of Missouri. When she isn’t writing, she's enjoying a book, watching Netflix or listening to Beyoncé. Sometimes she even tries to do all three at once.