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17 slightly odd things only a makeup fanatic really understands

Wake up and makeup.

There are so many reasons why I love makeup. It doesn’t just have the power of making you feel good, but it’s also a form of self-expression and empowerment. Plus, who doesn’t love a good cheekbone highlight or sharp winged eyeliner that absolutely slays everyone’s life?

You may just sorta be getting into makeup, or you may be a makeup goddess. Regardless, if you can relate to any of the following, you’re probably just now realizing how into makeup you really are. You’re welcome.

1..When the only reason you’re excited about an event is that you get to cake your face.

She want that cake cake cake cake cake cake.

2. When you’re talking to someone, and all you can think about is how you want to fill in their eyebrows or contour their cheekbones.

I’m actually not paying attention to a word you’re saying… sorry?!

3. When you have the highest VIB status at Sephora. 

Wait, what? You only need to spend $1,000 a year at Sephora for VIB Rouge? Psh, not a problem.

4. When you start to plan out your makeup look days before the actual event.

It may seem like you’re thinking about something super deep and intellectual, but you’re really just focusing on how you’re going to do your eyeshadow and what fake eyelashes you’re going to use next weekend.

5. When getting your paycheck really just means finally getting to buy that new high end foundation you’ve been eyeing.

Bills… bill… bil… bi… bi… b… buy more makeup.

6. When you get way into a conversation about makeup using a bunch of technical terms, and everyone around you just rolls their eyes and has no idea what you’re excitedly spewing on about.

Your friends stay looking at you like this.

7. When literally all your snapchat stories are just videos of you swatching makeup at Sephora or MAC.

Don’t tell me a colorful array of MAC eyeshadows isn’t mesmerizing.

8. When your friends start sending you snaps like this:

FullSizeRender (4)

One day Sim, one day.

9. When you’re the makeup artist for literally all of your friends and family. 

Yeah, that’s right. All you.

10. When you “accidentally” put on too much makeup for a casual event.


11. When you try to do a “no makeup makeup look” but end up with a smokey eye.

Okay, but what even is a “no makeup makeup look”???

12. When people basically only know you because of your makeup skills.

This is you every time someone compliments your face.

13. When all your Snapchat contacts are makeup gurus who post tutorials daily on their story.

When are you not watching makeup tutorials on your phone?

14. When the only thing you’re worried about while planning for your upcoming epic college adventure is how you’re going to fit all your makeup into your dorm room.

But seriously, you have exactly two months to sort this one out.

15. When your highlight is so bright you can’t walk into a room without blinding someone.

“Less bitter more GLITTER.”

16. Whenever you do your makeup, you talk to yourself in the mirror as if you’re filming a tutorial for all of your YouTube fans. 

“So first I’ll be starting with my absolute favorite primer…”

17. When you unexpectedly start a freelance makeup business and it turns out successful.

You the other weekend when you had six clients back to back.

What can I say? Makeup is life.