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20 moments only Egyptian millennials will really understand

Catcalls are part of your daily life.

Get ready for some serious truth bombs. Yallah.

1. You had access to only 3 TV channels growing up.

They were lame and dismal, but we had to be excited about them.

2. You copied and pasted the same two sentences into every internet chat box.

“No, we don’t live inside the pyramids,” and “No, we don’t go to school by camel.”

3. You were not allowed to have guy friends growing up.

And boyfriends? Heaven forbid.

4. You didn’t know what presidential succession was.

It took us 30 years to know that one.

[bctt tweet=”It took us 30 years to know what presidential succession is.” username=”wearethetempest”]

5. You learned about Al Qaeda and ISIS from American Media.

Hmmm. Food for thought.

6. You can’t tell Arabs from the Gulf area apart.

They’re all Saudi Arabian to you.

7. You’ve got super belly dancing powers.

But you refuse to be defined by only them.

8. Most girls of your generation were hijabis until 2011.

At the beginning of the millennium, it was the other way around.  But post-January 25 Revolution was roughly when the Great Shedding began.

9. Society’s opinions matter to you more than they should. 

“What will people say?” was our warning statement every time we were about to do something out of “the ordinary.”

10. Catcalls are part of your daily life.

It’s become background noise. You don’t even realize it anymore.

11. Back in the day, when call minutes cost a fortune, you communicated via missed calls.

Depending on the situation, a missed call could mean everything from “good morning” to “I’m standing at your door.” Usually,  all hell broke loose if you accidentally answered a call that was meant to be missed.

12. Anyone can set you up on a date with their son, whether you liked it or not.

Your neighbors, a random lady from the Mosque community, and a woman with whom you shared a taxi once.

13. If you are a blonde, you’re a beauty queen.

Unnatural blondes don’t count, though!

14. If you’re 30 years old and you’re unmarried, you’re officially a spinster.

It’s actually 28, but I’m rounding it up to be nice.

15. Guy or girl, you still live with your parents and there’s absolutely nothing weird about it.

Over here, you can be cool AND still be living with your parents.

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16. You were shocked to hear Israelis claim Falafel as their thing.

The nerve! And it’s called Ta’meyya, you ignoramuses!

17. You are a sucker for Turkish soap operas.

Well, you can also relate to Korean, American, Indian and Syrian series, but for some unknown reason, Mexican series don’t do it for you.

18. For the life of you, you still can’t fathom why Western countries don’t have bidets in their toilets.

Toilet paper is complementary. Shattafa is necessary!

19. You jump for joy every time you see an Egyptian while in a foreign country.

Even though you’d just left the 89,999,999 of us back home.

20. You have a way of butchering English words.

You say at least three of these, no matter how good you think your English pronunciation is.

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