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4 essential liquid lipstick steps to follow if you want a flawless smile

All you need in this world is a great pair of shoes and the perfect liquid lip.

Liquid lipsticks have been all the rage lately. But what’s the secret to perfectly smooth, matte, long-wearing lip colors? As always, it’s never about just the formula in the bottle.

I first started getting into liquid lipsticks after discovering the chic, yet affordable makeup brand, ColourPop Cosmetics. Their Ultra Matte lippies are $6, and there’s a huge variety of shades to choose from. Whether you’re looking for King Kylie inspired lip color or a bright purple shade, you’ll find it at ColourPop.

Colourpop, along with companies such as Anastasia Beverly Hills and Jeffree Star Cosmetics, was one of the first to release the concept of the liquid lipstick. Soon after, multiple companies such as NYX, Dose of Colors, and even MAC began releasing their own versions of the product. 

The perfect liquid lipstick has a quick drying formula that is smooth and lightweight on the lips. Although I haven’t tried every liquid lipstick on the market, my favorites are from the ColourPop Ultra Matte lips and the NYX Lingerie liquid lips – which, due to their affordability in comparison to their prestige brand counterparts, are a great place to begin when venturing into the liquid lipstick world. 

All liquid lipsticks are typically meant to stay matte and light on the lips, with a long-wearing formula to last all day. However, if applied incorrectly or without proper priming, your lips can end up looking flaky, as if they are peeling, or full of creases. Ultimately, it’s not just about the overall formula of the product, but how well you prep your lips and apply the product. 

Fear not! There are many techniques for ensuring an effortless application of your lip product regardless of the formula. The four following steps will help you master the trend and ensure perfect pigmentation all day so your lips can slay all day.

Step 1: Exfoliate your lips


A common mistake people tend to make is that they apply the liquid lipstick directly onto their cracked or dry lips. This results in the enhancement of the dry or cracked lips look. To combat this problem, you must exfoliate your lips in order to get rid of dead skin and make the application process smoother. Exfoliating your lips can be as easy as brushing your toothbrush across your lips when you brush your teeth in the morning or scrubbing your lips for just a minute or two right before application.

A great high-end lip scrub is the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish.

Step 2: Apply a mattifying lip balm


Liquid lipsticks are meant to dry completely on the lips and can sometimes be a little too drying. Depending on the liquid lipstick, it may be best to apply a light chapstick or lip balm before applying the actual lip product. Incorporating this step will lock moisture into your lips and smooth out your fine lines.

Step 3: Line your lips


Since liquid lipsticks have a standard wand applicator, using a lip liner is crucial to creating your desired lip shape before applying the lip product. Furthermore, it is also much easier to apply liquid lipsticks after the lips are lined, because the lining ensures that the wet lipstick does not get messy or end up feathering into the skin around your lips.

Step 4: Apply an even coat, don’t layer


When you finally begin to apply the liquid lipstick, apply a thin, even layer on your lips. NEVER layer it! Liquid lipsticks aren’t meant to be layered. If you start to layer, the product will thicken and feel heavy on your lips and will also sink into the fine lines and wrinkles on your lips – we all know THAT is not a cute look.

Never forget: liquid lipsticks can quickly become your favorite type of lip product. They’re perfect for any occasion because of their longevity, and they look fabulous if you do it right!