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Something suspicious happened at the New York primaries

No amount of hot sauce and pandering can undo the damage of this voter suppression.

Hillary Clinton won the New York primaries on April 19th, and I know it wasn’t because of the alleged hot sauce she carries in her bag. I mean, c’mon Hillary, I know that your pink Ferragamo bag doesn’t have a single bottle of Frank’s Red Hot inside of it.

No, HRC claimed her victory this past Tuesday after NY natives voted for her by a 16% marginHere’s the catch though – not everyone was able to fairly cast their ballots. Both Trump and Clinton’s victories are thought to be a result of severe voter suppression, and several horror stories emerging on social media are now revealing the highly suspicious activity that took place on Primary Day.

New York has closed primaries, which means that one has to be registered with a specific party beforehand in order to vote for it in the primaries. However, registered democratic voters mysteriously disappeared from the rolls on short notice, with no explanation provided. One woman even had her signature forged on a form that registered her as a Republican.

As reported by The Daily Beast, “Some polling sites did not open on time, citing too few election workers. Others had faulty voting machines, or were delivered half the number of promised voting machines.” People spent hours in lines at polling places. Working people, parents of small children, and people with other pressing responsibilities couldn’t afford to spare that much time – thus discouraging even more people from casting their votes. 

 #VoterSuppression surfaced on Twitter as voters took to social media to share their accounts of the day. 

An emergency lawsuit against the state was filed by over 200 frustrated voters, and New York’s attorney general is expected to launch an investigation for voter fraud and suppression.

Clearly, New Yorkers are concerned about the infringement on their democracy, and I’m hoping that this sparks not only conversation, but tangible steps toward correcting the mistakes that are keeping eligible voters out of the polls. However, this hailstorm of failures not only provides an opportunity for change, but has unfortunately worked in the favor of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Trump won 60.4% of the votes in NY, and his victory actually brought less harm the Republican Party than to the Democratic Party. But everything seems to work out in his favor, so I’m not at all surprised. 

Clinton, who was recently featured on the popular radio show “The Breakfast Club,” should not ascribe her victory to her egregious (and insulting) pandering to minority communities. In fact, I was immediately turned off by her desperate grappling for the mythical “black vote” (as if we are a monolithic community with perfectly aligning political views), but the fact that she openly admits it makes it worse. At least respect us enough to hide the fact that you have no real interest in the issues our community is facing but would trade in your $600 haircut for cornrows if it meant you could get the eligible black voters on your side.

All that being said, I find it disturbing how often people, specifically minorities and millennials, are consistently criticized for refusing to vote, when major states like New York and Arizona are blatantly manipulating the people’s voices. It’s unfair to expect us to have faith in a system so clearly controlled by people with more power than we have. No amount of hot sauce and pandering can rectify that.

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