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This is what we really think about #EqualPayDay

The best way to deal with entrenched patriarchy in society is to listen to insightful and funny feminists.

Look outside. Is there a horse and buggy outside? No? We aren’t in the 1800’s?? And women still aren’t being treated or paid equally? Hmph. Would you look at that!

April 12 was Equal Pay Day – a day that we unfortunately still need. Today, a woman makes between 44-79 cents for every dollar her male counterpart makes, depending on her ethnicity.

#EqualPayDay majorly trended on Twitter for pretty much the entirety of last week, and I had a seriously good time reading through these tweets. But while I love trending stuff on Twitter, I hope to see the day when #EqualPayDay isn’t just an internet trend, but an actual reality.

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The best way to deal with entrenched patriarchy in society is to listen to insightful and funny feminists. Here’s to wage equality, folks.

Our top picks:

1. Yes, yes, yes!

2. You say it, lady.

3. I deem this mathematically and logically sound.

5. Now this, my friends, is not mathematically sound at all.

6. Queen Shonda fires her shots.

7. Meninists, meninists everywhere.

8. Oh. Ouch. Ew.

9. OH MAN.

10. *Inserts clap emojis here*

11. MHMM.

12. Basically:


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