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Donald Trump is actually making a lot of sense

I can't believe I'm saying this, but he's right.

Here’s what’s new: for the first time ever, I agree with Donald Trump on something. What’s not new: the super-delegate system in America is pretty rigged.

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Trump took to the media to explain his beef with the whole super delegate system shortly after Bernie Sanders won Wyoming. For Sanders, the Wyoming primary marked his 7th win in a row over opponent Hillary Clinton. But somehow, Clinton managed to get just as many delegates in Wyoming as Sanders – even though she didn’t win.

Trump’s currently directing his endless whines, pouts, and complaints directly to the Republican National Committee, where he acknowledges the rigged system for what it is, and used Bernie’s win in Wyoming as an example. He’s currently “raging against the machine,” per CNN.

It’s interesting to note that Sanders and Trump are the only two candidates in this election that don’t have superpacs, and are both disadvantaged by their own parties. Perhaps the biggest implication out of this whole mess – besides Trump actually being right – is that we as citizens are being cheated.

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Delegates are supposedly awarded proportionally to each candidate according to the popular vote. Here’s the thing though: super delegates are not. Super delegates are allowed to choose whoever they like- no matter if the candidate won the popular vote or not. These same commanding agents have an influence on who gets the nomination for the general election.

This my dear friends, is just bogus. At the end of the day, our vote doesn’t truly count. The ones that count are those of the delegates, super delegates, and whichever millionaire army is in charge. Our personal interests aren’t even secondary. They aren’t even in the shadows.

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As much as I dislike Trump, you have to admit, he has brought a few things to light. He has provoked the bigots and white supremacists to come out of their closets and face their demons with full swing. He’s given these goons “cojones,” as we would say it in Spanish. And now, people are speaking out on racism, supremacy, and oppression more than ever. We may have him to thank for all this conversation – because in spite of his views, more people are equipping themselves with knowledge.

The system is rigged and people are unapologetically racist, and we have Donald Trump to thank for bringing these issues to the public’s attention on such a large scale. But if we as citizens want to have any influence on how these elections turn out, we have to ensure our voices are heard. Get out there, you guys! Since everyone can agree that the super delegate system is rigged, perhaps we can get it changed. We just need to make a little (a lot) of noise.

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