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5 terrifying reasons Ted Cruz is the next Trump

Unfortunately, Trump isn't the only candidate that makes me want to run for the hills.

l don’t know about you, but the thought of Donald Trump being the next president of the United States makes me want to get on the next flight to Canada. Unfortunately, Trump isn’t the only candidate that makes me want to run for the hills.

Even though Trump has been a very popular Republican candidate, Ted Cruz comes in a close second. In the primaries, Cruz has racked up 545 delegates so far.  The only Republican candidate with more delegates is Trump, who has racked up 743 delegates.

When it comes to Cruz’s campaign strategy, a large part of it consists of him attempting to market himself as the hero that will save us all from Trump. But when you look at both these candidates’ behaviors and beliefs, their differences are very limited.

1. His beliefs are just as conservative and just as ridiculous.

For starters, Cruz is against discrimination protections for LGBT people: he opposed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, voting against it in 2013. As far as his views on women’s issues go, they are just as disappointing. Cruz was one of eight senators to vote against the recent re-authorization of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act.

As if all that wasn’t bad enough, he’s also anti-choice. Cruz’s understanding of modern day birth control is definitely lacking as well. Like many former conservative presidential candidates, Cruz believes that Plan B contraceptives cause abortions by preventing a fertilized egg from entering the uterus. This claim has been debunked by many scientists and medical experts. To top it all off, Cruz even has a history of voting to defund Planned Parenthood. 

2. He’s overbearing in debates and not afraid to talk over you.

I’m pretty sure anyone who has watched any of the GOP debates at this point can agree when I say that there have been many petty arguments on stage.

As obnoxious as these candidates are, some have been yelling just a little louder than others. When Trump and Cruz argue, it’s like when two 5-year-old boys fight in their elementary school sandbox.

At the end of the day, does it really matter who started it? Yeah, didn’t think so.

3. If either Trump or Cruz were president, minorities would suffer a hell of a lot.

As well as having very sexist opinions and beliefs, Cruz also has a tendency to be very islamophobic and anti-immigration.While Trump says that there are good Muslims in addition to “bad ones”, Cruz has shown that he has a strong discomfort of the Muslim community as a whole. Cruz appointed Kevin Kookogey, former chair of the Williamson County, Tenn. Republican Party, as the chair of his Presidential campaign. Kookogey oversaw the end of a condemning of Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam. This was done because Haslam had appointed a Muslim lawyer to Tennessee’s Department of Economic and Community Development.

When it comes to his views on immigration, Cruz wants to deport all illegal immigrants in the U.S.He also wants to build a wall that will keep future illegal immigrants out. Sound familiar?

4. His supporters’ ignorance is eerily similar to that of Trump’s supporters.

While Cruz’s supporters are different from Trump supporters in some ways, they also have some scary similarities. While Cruz’s supporters are less aggressive and authoritarian, they still hold on tight to their conservative beliefs.A large majority of his following is Evangelical Christians. These Evangelical Christians tend to have very traditional values that are often very problematic. For example, when Cruz ran a very homophobic campaign in Iowa his numbers went way up.So even though his supporters might not be as loud and violent as Trump’s supporters they still support some very harmful ideas.

5. His pride in his ignorant beliefs is just as scary.

Even though Cruz might not be screaming and shouting as loud as Trump is, his bigoted political views are just as bad.  And while you don’t always know whether Trump believes in everything he says or is just pandering, Cruz genuinely believes this stuff. With his runner-up following and very confident composure, Cruz might actually have a chance at the nomination.