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When your PMS is EXACTLY like those in the chick flicks

But there is one thing about women that movies portray spot on. How we PMS.

RomComs or Chick flicks, call them what you will. They’re sappy love stories with unrealistic plots about the marvels and mysteries of finding the “one true love.” A lot of the time, they portray the woman seeking love and wondering why she can’t find it, all while grappling with feelings of insecurity. That’s basically the character sketch for the female protagonist, unless the film is being held to a Bechdel Test.

Is it an accurate portrayal? No.

But there is one thing about women that movies portray spot on. How we PMS. At one time or another, your PMS has been precisely like the movies.

 1. Eating

open the box of pizza you'll find dollars

Food. Chocolate. Anything. Midnight cravings. Or anytime for that matter.

If only that pizza did come with some money. That way we could have more money for food. And pads/tampons, which we’ll need in a week’s time because those aren’t cheap. They’re taxed too, you know.

 2. Mood Swings

a girls who is crying

So many and almost all at once. It can be overwhelming and surprising. In 5 seconds you can go from being furious to being in complete tears. What’s worse is that it intensifies. Every month you have the privilege of looking forward to it – unless you’re on birth control, you lucky duck.

 3. Crying

a girl who is crying

You’re ridiculously emotional, so anything remotely sad will make you cry. You’ve actually cried with your face in your hands, just like in the movies. You won’t be able to stop yourself, so you may cry about not being able to stop crying. All you can really do is finish that bout of crying. And hope that it happened at home.

 4. Feeling like crap

i don't even know what to do

So many decisions to make. So many choices. I literally don’t know what to do. What am I doing with my life is the often asked question during this time. I don’t know anything about anything.

 5.  We tell it like it is

The Paris Geller in us will come out. It probably won’t matter who you are, so sorry to the people we live with. It’ll go away soon but not soon enough. Again, so sorry.

It’s hormonal – not really us. Okay, I’ll admit – maybe a little bit. But I’ll never admit it.