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5 stages you definitely go through when your parents set you up on a date

My mom was convinced I would like him. She was so wrong.

My mother tried to set me up with a guy one time and it was an epic fail. She was convinced I would like him. She was so wrong.

You’ve heard of the stages of grief, right? Well, I discovered that there are stages to being set up by your mother, and let me tell you now, it was a downhill slide.

Stage 1: Okay, I’m in.

Before I met him, I was a little excited, because my mom was so keen on it.

Maybe I would really like him. What if he was ‘the one?’

Stage 2: Insta-disappointment

When I actually did meet him, that excitement dissipated so fast. My initial reaction was, “OK then. Let’s give this more than the first few seconds. Don’t be rude.”

Stage 3: The search for hope


I know it takes some time for people to warm up to each other and get the conversation rolling. And that doesn’t necessarily happen from the first meeting, I know.

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But I was looking for signs that I would like him. Anything. Smile and look interested in what he has to say.

Stage 4: What does my mom see in him?!


A few minutes later it was this. Okay, mom. I’m waiting for the spark.

The conversations weren’t bad. They were ordinary. Just not ordinary enough to make me interested in talking to you again. Ever again.

After the meeting, my mom asked me what I thought about him. My response? I don’t have any thoughts about him. There was just nothing there, and there never would be. Ever.


I was confused that she could be so off. Well-intentioned, but off. Especially after she was so sure that I would like him.

Sorry, but no, Mom.