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No, Deen Squad, I don’t want to be your ‘Muslim Queen’

Hey Deen Squad, we need to talk.

I cringed when I heard Deen Squad’s song “Muslim Queen” for the first time. It was a whole lot of NO.

Allow me to explain.

With their catchy and popular tunes, the duo of Deen Squad is in the genre of ‘halal music’ meant to offer positive messages to the youths through the lyrics of their songs. Going by the number of views it got on YouTube, it was well received by some, and others – anything but.

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The video starts with them outside a mosque, which is the only positive thing I could identify in the song, which focuses on them finding a wife. With a run down of their wish list for a wife – she has to be righteous (in the religious sense, not the 1990s slang sense), wear the hijab of course and be independent, but the script quickly flips once they’re actually married, very much perpetuating the culture of a wife being another mother to her husband.

I’m not exaggerating: that’s an actual line in the song. 

From having to cook for him – specifically chicken in the video, to trailing behind him as he pursues his career – basically these guys marry a fangirl – there’s little doubt as to which partner matters more in this “dream marriage.” The mentality is definitely that of ‘a wife lives for her husband.’

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I’m so concerned that Muslim women like this song. And worried that men take advice from it.

Women out there, I know the beat is good but PLEASE listen closely to the lyrics. You don’t want that for a marriage. Marriage isn’t about giving up your life for someone else only to be their caregiver, even though you might have been brought up to believe that.

To the Muslim girls who fangirl them – yes I know you’re glad that they go to Friday prayers and wear traditional clothes, and you’re excited that they’re religious, but look past their appearance, please. I know some of you are elated that this song seems like it’s FOR YOU, supporting your choice of dress and you want to sing along, but please don’t.

I know it must be an awesome to feel like you’re represented through song but this isn’t it. This isn’t how it should be done, so don’t be misled by it. It is offensive, wrong, and misogynist to think that upon marriage a wife will be catering to every whim of her husband without concern about what she wants.

You are a Muslim Queen, every one of you, but this song is so deeply entrenched in demeaning gender roles. This isn’t what a Muslim Queen is. Not by a long shot.

Look Deen Squad, I think you mean well, but you need to take a critical look at the lyrics of your songs before you release them so that you actually can offer positive messages to young people instead of unknowingly be a part of the problem. The Muslim community faces major issues when it comes to marriage and gender relations, whether it’s the side entrance used in many mosques for women, restricting their access to worship space, or unrealistic monetary expectations of women’s families that many prospective grooms face.

Songs like “Muslim Queen” only promote the sexist culture that perpetuates these problems.