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Here’s why Disney movies suck

When you watch them as an adult you're like what the hell.

If you’re someone who grew up in the 90’s chances are you love Disney movies. When you watch them as an adult-not so much anymore. Young girls shouldn’t be watching this and wanting to grow up to be a Disney princess. They made us think we could fall in love in an instant or in a ridiculously short time span.

What power does true love’s first kiss really have? Does anyone know?

We need to stop instilling in girls that their life is incomplete without a man. That you must give so much of yourself to be with someone when they don’t give a thing. Most of these princes are scrubs – that’s their daddy’s money. Plus they barely even talk for the entire movie. The one who wasn’t, is a thief. You do not want to be with either.

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She takes too much crap from everybody even the cat – appropriately named Lucifer. Nobody is that happy scrubbing floors. Nobody.






2. Aladdin

Not gonna lie, Princess Jasmine made me want and still want a pet tiger- who wouldn’t? She’s also the closest thing to an Indian princess- all brown girls are the same, right? Apart from the fact that she has nothing to do but comb her hair and wait for a prince her life is boring. Thanks for reducing women to ‘waiting to be married’ status. The sexualisation of Jasmine- especially in that red outfit is too much for a 6 year old to be aware of. Plus the sexy poses. Really?




3. The Little Mermaid

Ok, so I had Little Mermaid themed things growing up, and if it’s still cute I’ll probably buy it. She literally traded in one of the things which made her unique and her actual voice for a man. Ursula told her she’d still have a pretty face and a man but no voice. Ariel agreed to this. Compromise? What’s that? I’ll just give me. She also has zero forms of communication without her voice and has to have true love’s kiss by the end of three days. Ughh.




4. Beauty and the beast

Belle loves books. That’s great to encourage young girls to read, explore and invent things. I’m all for that. One thing the books didn’t teach was common sense. Because when you are held against your will, you run away the first chance you get. Do not stay. You definitely don’t stay for tea.




5. Mulan

She’s probably one of the most positive female leads and she’s not a princess. Yeah she had to pretend she was a man for most of the movie but she did want her dad to have to fight. Again with the ‘waiting to be married status’ that only colored girls seem to have.





6. Pocahontas

Not only was she running around with no shoes, she was miraculously able to communicate with John Smith even though they spoke different languages. How? Also she had no behavior making out with John under Grandmother Willow. Seriously, the tree can see you plus there is an entire forest where you can go to make out.