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The ‘Yelp for Humans’ is back, and it’s worse than ever

Why has Peeple returned? Why?

The relaunch of a controversial app Peeple is not being met with enthusiasm — except from its creator.

The app “allows you to recommend and be recommended by the people you interact with in your daily lives,” and in its first launch was derided as the ‘Yelp for Humans’ by media.

Like before, the app is based on rating people in three categories: personality, work qualifications and relationship material. The creators of the app want users to use “character as currency” to get better jobs, dates and opportunities.

Major concerns with the initial launch were that users could post whatever they want and people could’ve been rated without consent or approval. The thing about that is that it should be used in a world where unicorns exist and people can run across rainbows. People are not nice to each other. It was  ambitious to think that people would use Peeple fairly. The world is not fair nor are people. Some serious damage to a person’s reputation could’ve be done with this app, not to mention cyber bullying.

Now the creators have amended this so the user will now have to approve the recommendations- previously called ratings.

Profiles can be deleted, and with recommendations about a person needing their approval before they are approved and posted, it can be thought of as a good vibes only space.

When the app was initially launched, the users needed a phone number. Now you need that and a Facebook profile. This is part of a security measure to ensure that users are 21 which is a requirement for the sign up and so that you’ll receive your pin.

So far, that sounds better. But there are new features coming out in April which will be added and are available for a monthly fee of $1. It’s called Truth License. It’s basically the app as it was before, allowing users to see all comments, whether they were approved or not. It means what critics are calling ‘vulnerable data on all its users will be available for anyone who coughs up to see. And at such a cheap cost, who wouldn’t upgrade? It makes cyber bullying and slander worse, not better. 

Peeple is free for download on iOS and soon to be available on Android. It’s currently in its beta testing phase.