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Six famous women over 50 whose style consistently slays

I've had it up to here with media's crazy double standard of aging and beauty, so here's to 6 amazing women.

As a dear friend once told me, “Fashion is momentary; style is eternal.” Tired of the cut-off age for popular culture relevance hovering somewhere around the mid-20s for women? ME TOO! I’ve had it up to here with this crazy double-standard in the media between famous men and women – and I won’t stand for it anymore! Here are six women over 50 whose class and sass prove that age ain’t nothin’ but a number.

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1. Grace Jones (67 years old)

All hail

Any compilation of female fashion icons would be incomplete without Grace Jones. In an incredibly ‘duh!’ move, I’m going to highlight her here. Jamaican-born Jones is a musician, model, actress, and pop culture icon. Additionally, this fiercest of femmes has such cutting-edge style that people are still trying to rip-off and replicate her looks 40 years after she initially rocked them – and she’s still turning heads. Without a doubt, things have never been boring when it comes to Ms. Jones.

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2. Zaha Hadid (65 years old)

my mouth is literally watering over Zaha Hadid’s looks

She’s not a movie star or a model, but Zaha Hadid is certainly one juggernaut of creative genius. Born in Baghdad in 1950, Hadid studied mathematics at the American University of Beirut and then moved on to the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. Her work makes substantial use of curves and sweeping lines, highly suggestive of feminine power. Her style sense is similarly engaging – to call it sophisticated feels like an understatement. It’s simultaneously classic and avant-garde, powerful, evocative, and feminine. She’s won numerous awards for her architectural masterpieces, and her fashion-sense should not be ignored.

She's not a movie star or a model, but Zaha Hadid is certainly one juggernaut of creative genius. Click To Tweet

3. Marina Abramovic (69 years old)

minimalist queen

Also known as the “grandmother of performance art,” Serbian-born and New York-based Abramovic has rocked the performance art scene for the last three decades. Her powerful and emotional work explores interpersonal relationships – including the relationship between artist and audience.

Minimal, sleek, and sophisticated while still being provocative, Abramovic’s smokin’ hot style embraces her rocking curves and feminine power. Never over-the-top, but always eye-catching.

4. Aung San Suu Kyi (70 years old)

lady of no fear

I’m pretty sure if you looked up “grace” in the dictionary, you’d find yourself looking at a picture of Aung San Suu Kyi. The Burmese politician and stateswoman is surely, and justifiably, best known for her diplomacy abroad and leadership in her own country – but her style is worth talking about as well. Exemplary of classic lines and elegance, her always expertly tailored wardrobe is something to keep your eye on.

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Whether you’re into the sophisticated and dignified or not, the Lady of No Fear is an excellent guidepost for anyone interested in fashion.

5. Iman (60 years old)

the incomparable Iman

As with Grace Jones, no list of fashion-forward ferocity would be complete without the stunning and inimitable Iman. The Somali-born supermodel so famous she only needs one name, we’ve been graced with her brilliance and beauty for four decades.

A triple-threat of modeling, acting, and entrepreneurial talent, Iman is someone to consistently watch and look to for examples from the fashion-forward to the classic.

6. Angela Bassett (57 years old)

i…i can’t even look directly at her…

Fact: You actually are required to wear special glasses like the kind you use to look at a solar eclipse when you gaze upon Ms. Bassett’s radiance lest you go blind. American-born actress and director, Angela has always rocked looks that thrill, kill, and give you chills (not to mention, lady, how’d you get so cut??). I. Can’t. Even. Simultaneously edgy and classy, you have to keep your eye on her. It’s just a must.

You actually are required to wear special glasses when you gaze upon Ms. Bassett's radiance lest you go blind. Click To Tweet

As incredible as all these women are, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mature women in the spotlight who make me want to tell the media: