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These toys are literally changing the future for little girls

These toys will help your children build a bridge to a future in engineering.

Move aside, Barbie. Another blonde-haired doll is taking over the market for little girls’ toys.

GoldieBlox is not like any other toys aimed at young girls. They’re designed to inspire young girls to build — and not a doll house either, unless they want to. GoldieBlox toys can quite literally have children building a bridge to their future of being an engineer or a develop a love for STEM.

After graduating from Stanford with a degree in mechanical engineering and product design, GoldieBlox CEO and inventor Debbie Sterling wanted to disrupt the pink aisle of girls toys so that young girls would be inspired to go into STEM during their childhood. As an engineer, she found that men outnumbered women in STEM by staggering amounts. So if she could encourage girls to create a engineering mentality while they were young, it might just be the motivation they need to push through the path to a career in STEM.

GoldieBlox is both a book and a construction box. The main character Goldie and her friends build machines which are solutions to the problems they find on their adventures. Through the construction process, children will develop spatial skills as they build and follow along a story.

After launching in 2012, GoldieBlox has won a couple awards and gained popularity. It’s now available at Toys R Us. With a GoldieBlox cartoon, an iOS app, follow along videos, and more characters being added, the company is growing, becoming more diverse and showing no signs of slowing down.