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5 TV politicians that feel too real in 2016

Television is an embodiment of escapism. Television on the internet, even more so.

Television is an embodiment of escapism. Television on the internet, even more so.

But every now and then you watch a show and you think damn, art does imitate life. Never has this been more true for me then it is now, during a bizarre and, frankly, terrifying election season. I’ll be watching a fun show, minding my own business, and some character will come and give me the kind of heebie jeebies I usually only experience during a Republican debate.

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Here are five fictional politicians that remind me a little too much of the those who have inflicted themselves upon us in real life. Somewhere, Republicans are sneezing en masse, but I’ll let you decide which ones those are.

1. King Ecbert, Vikings 

Vikings is coming back for a fourth season today, and man is that show full of conspiring politicians. There’s the guy who keeps stabbing his brother in the back, the psycho puppet queen, the creepy count getting off in his torture chamber – all people that make you despair in human nature. And then there’s this guy:

King Ecbert of Wessex is an evil genius in the worst way. He makes alliances, comes up with devastating schemes to get out of those alliances while simultaneously pretending he had no idea, crushes opposition under his medieval boots, tries to get his son killed, feigns innocence when he survives, and then takes advantage of his absence to hit on his own daughter-in-law. Yeah, I know, he definitely reminds you of someone. At least daughters-in-law are not actual blood relations.

Man I love this show.

2. Mayor Dewey, Steven Universe

Confession time: Powerpuff Girls ruined mayors for me. Every time I hear the word “mayor” my brain immediately supplies, “of Townsville!” complete with the image of a tiny mayor with a top hat and monocle who needs preschool children to save his city. So I have a bias against mayors, I admit it. But my dislike for Beach City’s Mayor Dewey stems from a very different place.

A politician who spends all his time in office trying to get reelected? A little too on the nose for my poor disillusioned soul. This is supposed to be a children’s show!

3. Bobby Newport, Parks and Recreation

Technically not a real politician, since he lost the election to Leslie Knope at the end of season four. Also, you could ask why I wouldn’t pick this jerk:

Yes, Jeremy Jamm was terrible. But let’s take a look at Bobby’s campaign for city council:

Do you see what I mean? Someone on the production team did a very good job at researching candidate platforms. A little too good a job, if you ask me.

4. Cornelius Fudge, Harry Potter series

Let’s see here: consistently denies facts by dismissing overwhelming evidence? Blames the victim? Manipulates the media, and mocks any outlet that refuses to buy into his view of the world? Is supported by the worst human female in the history of wizarding-kind?

Check, check, check, aaaaaand check. Fudge would be right at home in the American elections. There’s the pesky issue of citizenship, but he’s white so I doubt it’ll even come up. Plus he has that sophisticated British accent!

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5. David, Love Actually

Of all the things that irk me about this movie, and there are a lot, there is nothing that gets under my skin quite like the idea that the Prime Minister of the UK has nothing better to do with his time then chase his housekeeper around London and dance like a crazy person:

When I first saw this movie, many moons ago, I was a young ingenue with hopeful eyes and a belief in the goodness and integrity of all people. So I dismissed Hugh Grant’s portrayal as exceedingly unrealistic. Now I know better, and am annoyed by the portrayal because it’s too accurate: given the state of world affairs, it’s pretty obvious that whatever world leaders are doing with their time, leading is not one of them.

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If you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go bury my head in my pillow and try not to weep with despair. It’s just too cruel. All I want to do is watch television!


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