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#Hack4BlackTrans is bringing visibility to America’s most vulnerable

For black history month, here's a tech event like no other.

In San Francisco on Feb. 27, hackers, coders, activists and citizens are participating in a one day hackathon, #Hack4BlackTrans Lives. The aim is to collectively brainstorm to generate ideas and solutions to assist transgender people of color.

Possible projects include for the collaborative hackday include a game about black transgender history, a chat app that’s private for trans youth and people of color, and an app providing trans sex workers information about their rights in different states. In keeping with the theme of black history, the day also includes honoring black trans pioneers.

Black transgender and gender non-conforming people face some of the highest rates of discrimination among all transgender people, the group says. This includes significantly higher rates of unemployment, homelessness, extreme poverty, HIV and attempted suicide.

You can see what projects participants create to help solve these issues live here.

Event organizer Trans*H4CK not only focuses on hackathons like the one planned for Saturday, but has a speaker series where trans tech executives, entrepreneurs and leaders will share their stories.


The organization, founded in 2013, has had over 600 transgender developers, designers, and aspiring coders present at its hackathons across the country.

According to Trans*H4CK’s site, the group aims to “shift the ways trans*, gender non conforming, agender and non binary people live by creating technology that economically empowers, improves access to social services, promotes gender safety and community sustainability, while bringing visibility to trans* tech innovators and entrepreneurs.”