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Donald Trump is officially just screwing with us

As if we needed more proof that Donald Trump is basically a big baby.

Trump signed a “loyalty pledge” with the Republican National Convention in September, promising not to run as an independent candidate. But, not for the first time, he’s threatening an independent run – something still within his reach – because things aren’t going his way.

Trump complained to a rally in Charleston, South Carolina, that the RNC had packed the room at the most recent debate with establishment supporters. That’s why he was booed by the crowd, not because he was being, in layman’s terms, an aggressive jerk.

This is not the first time Trump has pouted and otherwise acted like a child because the universe did not give him what he wanted. When Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucus, Trump insisted that his victory was “stolen” by the other candidate and that the votes that had come in for Cruz should be nullified.

It’s hard to believe the man is an adult, let alone one who owns a multi-billion dollar company, given that his attitude is one of a spoiled toddler who hasn’t yet developed the ability to understand that life doesn’t revolve around his needs and wants. Trump may have the kind of life that has lulled him into the belief that everyone loves him and he is therefore above consequences – he can shoot a man in the street, after all – but now he’s out of that little bubble and dealing with the real world, where things don’t always work out in your favor, and fellow adults expect you to handle that with some level of maturity.

It really makes you wonder what’s going on in this country, that a man who cannot handle rejection in any form, is a front-runner in our presidential elections. What exactly is the appeal in this kind of attitude? Because it gives people the false sense that nothing is their fault and the world is against them? That their failures aren’t really their fault? That’s a great attitude to have as president. It would go down really well in Congress. Every time a law he didn’t like got passed, every time a law he liked didn’t get passed, we’d be subjected to his self-important rantings about how it’s all a conspiracy of establishment politicians or whatever the hell.

Or foreign policy. You thought the Republicans’ reactions to the Iran deal was embarrassing? Wait until we got Trump in a room with world leaders he doesn’t like. One shudders at the thought of him pouting in a corner like a baby, refusing to discuss any deal that doesn’t basically cede their countries to the United States. Our only friends will be Russia.

Seriously, this has long passed ridiculous. I get it, a Trump third-party run would basically be the end of the Republican campaign for the presidency, but you’ve got to wonder whether the GOP is familiar with the concept of long-term strategizing. The more they twist themselves into pretzels trying not to offend or antagonize Trump (not that it’s working, since Trump has already decided that every bad thing that happens to him is the RNC’s fault), the weaker and more impotent they look.

It’s time for us to focus on the adults in this election. Trump, it’s been fun, but I think it’s time for your nap.