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Here are 10 reasons why you need to visit Sweden

Wanderlust is a savage feeling.

It has you missing places you’ve never been to and yearning for an extra bonus in your paycheck so that you can travel. Anyone with a Pinterest board for all of their dream countries can relate.

One of my dream countries happens to be Sweden — home of ABBA, IKEA, and meatballs. Those are just a few of the best things about it.

1. Chocolate.


Daim was everything growing up — I’m lucky if I can find it at World Market, never mind a specialty candy shop. Europeans do chocolate right, and I’m more than willing to suffer jetlag to get my hands on this.

2. Saunas.


See, I say I love winter… but I’ve lived in the South my whole life, and my heritage is built for temperatures that soar well above the 80s. So having these saunas available for when I am definitely not okay with below freezing temperatures is more than an added plus.

3. Men actually take care of their children, not just pose with them in pictures.


Where most American men can’t even handle the thought of opening the Diaper of Doom, Swedish men are more than ready to take on more than their fair share of parenting duties. I might reconsider my no-kids-ever policy if the other half of the marriage would pull his weight.

4. There’s a small country neighboring its coast, and it offers free citizenship.


If you want to make the most of your trip to Sweden, just take a detour from Kullaberg to Ladonia, a country made by artists and for artists. It’s composed of a driftwood and nails and borders a beautiful view of the bay. You can also apply for free citizenship online before or after you go.

5. Punctuality is a thing.

And it definitely seems like the Swedes are wizards. Somehow the biological clock that makes every other Arab late missed my genes, and so this is something about Swedish society that I can really appreciate.

6. There’s a five week holiday around July.

Vacation within a vacation? A vacationception to rival anything I ever had in America. Please.

7. Free education and welfare.

You’ve heard Bernie Sanders talking all about it — and, yes, it’s true. Public education is tuition-free for Swedish students. Why did my relatives immigrate to America again?

8. Work-life balance.

These three words and I’m yours. Swedes are trying to work for 6 hours a day, and it seems like it’s working for many of the citizens there. Don’t mind me waiting for my working visa…

9. Public transit.

I despise driving — mostly because of the other people in my way, gas prices, and the fact I waste hours of my time commuting without doing anything. With buses and trains I can concentrate my energy on work or music.

10. A king with funny hats.

Now if he had a Trump toupee hat, I’d move there immediately.