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I used to adore Yeezy – but it’ll never be the same

I think I'm all done here with trying to defend Yeezy. I have in the past, but I just think this is the final straw.

On February 9th, after a long-unfolding saga in which nearly 60 women have come forward with stories that Bill Cosby drugged and raped them, West tweeted a declaration of Cosby’s innocence.

As disgusted as I am by this, I’m always wondering when it comes to celebs like Kanye, if he was just doing it to get attention. Does he really believe in Cosby’s innocence or did he just want to make headlines that day and this week? He’s got a new album dropping – maybe he just wants to make sure he’s primed for visibility. It’s definitely one way to get a lot of attention – negative mostly, thank god. However, I couldn’t help but have a stomach-sinking sense of dismay when I saw that the tweet had over 50k likes.

Oh man. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but, like, get it together everybody.

People don’t falsely accuse people of sexual assault – like once in a million times ever. Probably not even that. They’re much more likely to not say anything at all than to fabricate a story. Now, the likelihood that one survivor would come forward with a falsehood is slim enough – the chances that 60 of them did? I would say quite impossible.

[bctt tweet=”He’s got a new album dropping – maybe he just wants to make sure he’s primed for visibility.”]

For a moment, I forgot about the magic of the internet and thought to myself, “Well, nothing good can come of this.” But then I discovered the #KanyeIsCancelledParty and everything got so much better. Aside from being really comforting that so many people rallied to show support for survivors of assault by criticizing West’s remark, the shit is just downright hilarious. Here are a few of my favs:

for serious? be right there. hang on Drizzy, save me one!!!

[bctt tweet=”For a moment, I forgot about the magic of the internet.”]

Nice twofer insult, Dwayne! well done.


ha. ha. haaaaa. this one was too much for me.


true. ’tis hype af.


Briana bids the classiest of farewells.


getting a little warm in here – am i right??


sorrynotsorry but i am truly loving these double-ups


true. nor, apparently, being married to a woman. like okay.

and, last but not least, my own personal favorite of favorites, this bit of beautiful genius right here:

pretty much.

[bctt tweet=”Survivors have a hard enough time recovering from their assault and coming forward.”]

Now, I’m not a bettin’ man, but if I were I’d put top dollar on this being for attention – as with basically 100% of everything else Yeezy does – it’s just that I can’t overlook this one. Survivors have a hard enough time recovering from their assault and coming forward, so the fact that one would defend the rapist for attention is just goddamn gross.

If he really believes in Cosby’s innocence, I can’t be here for that either. If not for the #KanyeIsCancelledParty, I may have had a pretty bad day – but this proves that sometimes good things can be found in unexpected places (like the internet, where I usually expect to find things that make me want to scrub my retinae with a wire brush).

If anybody needs me, I’ll be on the dancefloor.

get it

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