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Last night brought us the feistiest Democratic Debate ever

Side eye. Shade. Substantial topics. Last night was arguably the most eventful presidential debate yet. 

Senator Bernie Sanders and Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton were the sole players in last night’s debate, hosted by PBS NewsHour.

Joining the candidates on stage were NewsHour co-anchors Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff, the first all-female-duo to moderate a televised presidential debate.

This debate is an important one, seeing as it directly follows the New Hampshire primary, where Sen. Sanders won by a huge margin. This debate, many critics agreed Clinton took the edge.

Here’s what got everyone majorly talking last night.

1. The female-majority on stage.

2. Starting off the debate with references to women’s health: 

2. HRC’s ideas on deportation: 

3. The behemoth that is Wall Street: 

4. The Sanders shade: 

5. When HRC repeatedly tried to accuse Bernie of being anti-Obama:

6. The scathing exchanges regarding Henry Kissinger:

 7. The debate did miss a few glaring topics: 

8. That being said, it was a relief to finally watch a debate, relatively headache-free: 


  • Asma Elgamal

    Asma Elgamal is our Head News + Society Editor at The Tempest. She's currently a student at Harvard University.