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15 things you should stop saying about women who wear makeup

For your sake, you should stop, because we all know that you're just jealous of dat highlighttttt.

1. “People who wear that much makeup are super insecure. Talk about lack of self-love!”


Because apparently, wanting to look your best isn’t an act of self-love but insecurity. Did it ever cross your mind that I’m just as confident without makeup as I am with and that my putting makeup on is me loving the way I look with that sharp ass wing and eyebrows on fleek?

[bctt tweet=”Apparently, wanting to look your best isn’t an act of self love but insecurity.” username=”wearethetempest”]

2. “You wear too much makeup.”


And… the problem is…? Since it’s cool that you can tell me what I’ve got too much of, can I tell you that you are too rude? Too annoying? Too insignificant for me to change my makeup ways? Also, are you saying I should stop wearing makeup because you think I wear too much makeup?

Because no. Just. No.

3. “I don’t wear makeup – I don’t need it.”


Great. You know what you DO wear though? An air of self-righteousness that is quite unnecessary, because let’s be real, you’re just trying to say that you think you’re too good looking for makeup while I am not. Girl, please.

4. “You spend too much money on makeup.”


And you spend too much time worrying about my makeup habits.

5. “I’d rather spend my time doing something else – like sleep in.”


And I’d rather spend my time looking my best. Life has a funny way of presenting opportunities at the most unexpected times, so why shouldn’t I look like my ultimate inner self on the outside and slay 24/7?

6. “I prefer less makeup.”


And I prefer more… and choose to do what I prefer with my OWN face. Kthx.

7. “Who are you trying to look good for with all that makeup?”


Me. Myself. And I.

8. “A woman who has that much time to do her makeup like that must not have children.”


Because apparently, women who wear makeup are obviously not mothers. They’re TOTALLY not skilled to find a way to make time for some self-love. I’ve even heard women say that women who wear a lot of makeup should be spending time with their children instead… seriously.

9. “Women wear makeup to lie to men.”


Yes, because my winged eyeliner is so natural that you can’t even tell it’s makeup!

[bctt tweet=”Yes, because my winged eyeliner is so natural that you can’t even tell it’s makeup!” username=”wearethetempest”]

10. “Women wear makeup to impress men.”


No. Just, no.

11. “You look different without makeup.”

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And let’s not forget the beautiful (not) saying, “You look tired without makeup.”

12. “Less is more!”


So essentially, what you’re saying is that more is less? The amount of makeup I wear doesn’t make me “more” of a person or “less” of a person, so could you not?

13. “Makeup is bad for your skin!”


Well, obviously. But don’t you think, with all the effort I spend on my makeup, that it doesn’t feed into my efforts to actually take care of my skin, too? Every heavy makeup wearer I know has a great skincare regime that is usually better than the regimes that people who don’t wear makeup have. Not only do we want to protect our skin, but nobody wants to apply makeup to messed-up skin.

Smooth, soft, and undamaged skin is the best to apply makeup to.

14. “Why do you wear so much makeup, omg?!”


Enough said.

15. “She must be ugly underneath all that makeup.”


And I don’t need your validation. *mic drop*