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16 hilariously bad ideas for Kickstarters

There's a Kickstarter here for everyone.

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#Badkickstartersin5words was started by Comedy Central’s late-night game show @Midnight, as a part of the weekly “Hashtag Wars.” @Midnight is hosted by comedy guru Chris Hardwick. 

This hashtag really brought out the Twittersphere’s entrepreneurial side, from terrible game ideas to promising apps.

Check them out:

1. “Cutting edge fun.”

2. Hufflebunches, Gryffind-O’s, RavenBran, and SlytherFlakes, should totally be a thing. 

3. This one sounds like a real nail-biter. 

4. I can feel the burn…

5. We need you, Luke Skywalker.

6. This one speaks for itself. 

7. Oh my gosh. 

8. For the competitive player in all of us. 

9. Kinda want this one to materialize. 

10. “Zzz” for real. 

11. Halloween will never be the same. 

12. Smells like…Pu-Teen Spirit. 

13. *Tries and fails to come up with another tooth pun* 

14. A restaurant sure to be featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

15. Cinnamon Nicole 2.0 

16. And finally, a sure-fire way to disappoint children, everywhere. 


What do you guys think? Would you back any of these Kickstarter ideas?

Asma Elgamal

Asma Elgamal

Asma Elgamal is our Head News + Society Editor at The Tempest. She's currently a student at Harvard University.

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