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David Cameron, stop telling Muslim women what to do.

David Cameron knows how to solve extremism y'all, but he can't do it by himself.

The world’s gone a little crazy, people. United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, decided that the solution to extremism is pretty simple. Specifically, he stated that, ‘one of the main reasons young men are vulnerable to radicalisation is the “traditional submissiveness of Muslim women”, which prevents them from speaking out against the influence of the radical Imams.’ Interestingly, the “traditionally submissive” Muslim women weren’t willing to take this sitting down.

Good question, Hind. Here’s the answer:

Huh. Who knew.

The tweets ranged from downright snarky:

To straight up calling him out:

Is it really about this?

It’s very narrow minded to think that women who speak a language other than English, are limited in expressing themselves in a language. They do – you just won’t be able to understand it. Also, women who do express themselves in English encounter men who don’t or won’t listen to what they say, or value their opinion: patriarchy is not bound by language, and it’s definitely not bound to one religion.

What’s even worse is to blame mothers for actions of their sons – that’s reductionist. The problem of radicalization is a societal one. What about providing and improving social structures, educating, creating jobs and not stereotyping the British Muslim community, whether or not English is their first language?

Let’s not forget these sentiments come from a Prime Minister who reduced colonialism to good and bad events. This reeks of not accepting that the UK is multicultural, multilingual and increasingly less white. It’s like saying, ‘We’ll eat the curry but speak in English, thanks.’

[bctt tweet=”This reeks of not accepting that the UK is multicultural, multilingual and less white. “]

If you ever want to know what a Muslim woman is about ask her, over tea.