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President Obama dropped the mic on his last #SOTU

Already throwing shade. That's our President.

President Obama gave his last #SOTU (State of the Union) Address yesterday, outlining his administration’s accomplishments and calling for his successor to lead a “clear eyed, big hearted, and optimistic” country.

It may have been brief, but the President managed to cover everything from economic growth to immigration, along with affordable college tuition, racial/religious equality, and the continued efforts to combat climate change.

Many, however, were disappointed that the hot topics of gun control and police brutality were left untouched.

TIME Magazine live-streamed for the public as the rest of us live-tweeted it from our couches.

Here are some of our top moments:

1. When he started his address with a joke:

2. When he chastised those who blame immigrants and food stamps for government incompetency:

3. When he rallied for affordable college for everyone:

4. When he suggested we implement wage insurance and threw some shade at the same time:

5. The fun the audience had with Paul Ryan’s facial expressions:


6. When he placed Biden at the head of an anti-cancer initiative:

7. #VPOTUS + #POTUS = relationship goals

8. When he called out those who deny climate change:

9. When the Twitter-sphere was quick to point out the flaws in overfunding the military:

10. When he shifted to foreign policy and denounced those who claim he’s done nothing to with even more shade:

11. The general confusion surrounding Kim Davis’ presence:

12. Calling for racial and religious equality

13. The glorious First Lady:

14. And finally, this subtle-yet-huge shout out for women in STEM: