The idea of using drones for good is nothing new to me. Like you, I’ve heard of drone pizza delivery and have raised my eyebrows over news of Amazon’s package delivery testing. But I’ve also interviewed some of the experts at the Drone Journalism Lab in Nebraska, which is where I got my first inkling that these little flying robots could change the game for the media.

In between the contouring tutorials you’ll watch but never use and over-filtered photos of your freshman year roommate’s hipster NYC brunch, you may have noticed a gorgeous trend in photography: aerial drone photos.

The popular @FromWhereIDrone account curates hundreds of incredible drone photography and cinematography specimens every day, and if you’re not following them, you’re missing out. Apps like Dronestagram do much the same, though their collection often includes raw images instead of highly curated and filtered ones.

From Where I Drone founder Dirk Dallas (who goes by @dirka on Instagram and Twitter – you won’t regret following him) is a designer, educator and photographer based in Southern California. He’s been flying various electric devices for more than a decade, and is now at the forefront of the new drone imagery movement. He blogs at From Where I Drone, providing helpful guides to drone pilot novices and professionals alike. “I want this to be the website that I wish I would have found when I was getting started,” he writes there. So don’t be intimidated – be inspired.

Here are a dozen photos from drone photographers around the world that will convince you to pull out your credit card and order yourself a drone. (This is, of course, what we call living vicariously through the reader.)

1. Los Angeles, California by Esteban Rey Jimenez

2. Trigg Beach, Australia by SALTY WiNGS project

3. Oregon by Fouad Jreige

4. Bronte, Australia by Gabriel Scanu

5. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany by Jacob Briglin

6. Sheep in Vinstra, Norway by Vemund Hagen

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Sheep party // Photo by @vemund #fromwhereidrone

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7. Pavilion Park, Singapore by Kevin Loke

8. Ham Tin Wan Beach, Hong Kong by @lefreshair

9. Naifaru, Maldives by Mente de Rufus

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? // Photo by @mente_de_rufus #fromwhereidrone

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10. Houston, Texas by Dan Joyce

11. Helsinki, Finland by Joel Miikka

12. Water park in Mexico by Renee Lusano

Blown away? Don’t be.

Just pick your jaw up and go take this six-hour course on taking drone photos like these. You can do it, reader!

  • Aysha Khan

    Aysha Khan is a journalist based in Baltimore, covering underrepresented communities and digital culture.