The 2016 presidential election kicked off, some legendary films were released, and we approached and contributed to difficult and, at times, heated conversations about culture, race, and societal influence. Here are some of our best articles from 2015, ranging from somber to hysterical.

A ray of hope among the migrant crisis!

Melissa Fleming Quote

Or, rather, rays of hope. It is not difficult to drown in the epidemic of pain and sorrow that is spreading throughout the globe. However, at times, we forget that to praise the goodness of others is to denounce their evil counterparts. We talked about a few lovely gestures that give hope to the world of tomorrow.

We discussed why Donald Trump could be the worst president the U.S has ever seen.

NBC fires Donald Trump after he calls Mexicans rapists and drug runners

We shared a few reasons why reality star and mannerless demagogue Donald Trump wouldn’t be such a great president. According to your responses, we can and have all agreed on this.

Aziz Ansari kicked off Master of None, and we love it.

Master of None

If you haven’t yet watched Netflix original and Aziz Ansari creation Master of None, we highly recommend that you do. It’s witty, relatable, and really, truly gets the “immigrant kid” experience.

Did you miss #NationalPoetryDay?

Urban Dictionary: Get Down With Your Bad Self

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Luckily, we recorded a few of the most hysterical responses to it that we could find. We found quite a few unique reactions, from haikus to physically turning your child into a library. Check them out!

Why do we think women are more emotional than men?

Woman smoking

Popular societal belief, across the globe, makes the assumption that women are more emotional than men, and thus more vulnerable and attached. But is this true? Why or why not? We addressed this belief with a first-hand experience from one of our writers.

We met the wonderful Fatima al-Budoor, an artist from the Emirates.

Fatima Al Budoor painting

Dubai-based printmakers and photographer Fatima al-Budoor spoke with us about her life in the UAE, her stance as an artist, and what she hopes to accomplish with her work. If you’re curious, take a look!

Banned books: READ THEM.

Harry Potter word blackout

There are quite a few controversial pieces of literature in the world: classics like A Clockwork Orange and Uncle Tom’s Cabin make the list quite early. However, what about banned books? Have you ever read a banned book? We argue that you should.

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