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Here’s how to rock the perfect dark lips this season

Tbh, the only reason I love this season is because I can wear bold lip colors, no apologies needed.

We’re winding down to the end of the year, which means I can finally wear dark lips again. Despite the holiday season, cold sweater weather, and the tons of hot chocolate I’ll be consuming, my favorite part of this season is busting out my dark lip colors. Personally, I never thought I could pull off darker lip colors. I didn’t like the way they drew attention to my face and how I always had to play down my eye makeup to rock a bold lip, but I realized my mistake was in choosing the right color for my skin tone.

We're winding down to the end of the year, which means I can finally wear dark lips again. Click To Tweet

Truth be told, everyone can sport a nice bold lip color. It just depends on how much time you invest in researching and choosing a shade that will suit your skin tone. Whether it be deep browns, plums, cherry reds, or cranberry colors, finding a shade with the right undertone is crucial. Because I’m cool toned, I go for colors with a blue hue, or something earth toned.

Truth be told, everyone can sport a nice bold lip color. Click To Tweet

To find the perfect lip color for you, follow these steps:

1. Determine your skin’s undertone

Your undertone is determined by a variety of things. The first step is to check to see what color your veins are. You’re cool toned if they’re blue, and you’re warm toned if they’re green. But if you can’t really tell the difference, you’re most likely just neutral. In that case, you don’t have to worry about looking for a specific undertone in your lipsticks.Red lipsticks with a blue tint or hue to them will suit you best and compliment your skin. You’ll also look good in mauves, plums, roses, and cool toned browns. Warm toned skin will look best with darker berries and red colors as well as pretty pinks.

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2. Determine your skin tone 

Your undertone may be important, but you can’t forget about your skin tone (duh!). Fair skinned girls should look for more orange or “fruity” based shades to really make your skin pop. For beige toned girls, you want to find lipsticks that aren’t too cool toned or warm toned. That means true reds and pinks and deeper shades that are true to color. If you’re golden or tan, you want to look for warm hues to brighten up your complexion. Olive tones pair best with cool toned colors or shades that have a blue base. For deeper skin tones, a brick red or a true cranberry will pop against your skin color.

Your undertone may be important, but you can't forget about your skin tone (duh!). Click To Tweet

3. Research, research, research

After you have everything figured out, you might want to do a bit of research on the best shades for a specific lipstick. After you figure out your skin tone and what type of shades work best for your complexion, simply look up lipsticks with that specific tone.

If you’re checking out a makeup counter, which I highly recommend, you can easily swatch around and determine what will look best on you.

Investing a little more money into a quality lip color is definitely worth the money. Whether it be a lipstick, lip stain, or even liquid lipstick, the right shade can make the biggest difference. The right shade will compliment your skin tone and make you look alive. If a color looks dull against your complexion, it probably has certain hues or tones that don’t work well with your own undertones.

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Lipsticks that make you look dull and lifeless should always be avoided, so when you’re trying to pick the PERFECT shade, make sure you’re using the guide above to determine what type of color works best for you, and try it on at a counter to make sure it compliments you.

4. Rock that lip color 

Now strut your stuff and show the world how amazing you look in your bold lip color.

Now strut your stuff and show the world how amazing you look in your bold lip color. Click To Tweet
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