No matter what you think, strict parents always make rebellious kids. I know what you may be thinking, how would kids be able to take part in such rebellious things while their parents try to shield them from anything haram (wrong)? Well, let me tell you, it’s easy. And every kid with strict parents most likely knows what I’m talking about. Don’t get me wrong, I was never the rebellious one, but one of my friends was, and oh boy did she manage to get away with just about everything.

So here’s what these kids manage to do and how they get away with it so easily.

1. Sneaking out

This is definitely the most common thing I’ve seen amongst trapped kids. It’s practically a piece of cake to be able to sneak out of the house and run off to some boy’s house in the middle of the night. Think about it, if your parents are doing almost everything they can to keep you at home in your room away from the world, there’s going to be a ton of motivation and desire to sneak out.

It’s simple. All you do is investigate every nook and cranny of your house and come up with a plan for the perfect escape strategy. It could include a ladder to your window or sneaking out of the side door of the garage. If your room is on the first floor, even better! You just have to climb out of the window in the early hours of the morning. Piece of cake.

2. Using their friends as a cover

Using friends as a cover to go to a party or to hang out with a group of people your parents aren’t particularly fond of is incredibly simple. Let’s face it, there has to be that one friend that your parents adore and think they’re all “goody-two-shoes” when in reality Noor is a major druggie and your parents have no idea. This trick is simple, and almost always effective.

If your parents think you’re off hanging out with someone they love, they most likely won’t have any suspicions of your whereabouts. But choose wisely folks, using the wrong person as a cover will leave your parents tracking your phone. Oh and let’s not forget that there’s usually groups of girls covering for each other on the same night. They have it all figured out, and the more the merrier, right?

3. Using school as an excuse for everything

Was Somaya really studying for her Chemistry final for a whole 4 hours after school on a Friday night!? Probably (most definitely) not. School is the easiest trick in the book because what parent doesn’t want to hear that their child is going to a study session or extra help on their math homework? They’ll be so pleased they might even reward you.

4. Fake phones

OMG. I can’t even begin to describe how many times I’ve gotten asked for an old unused phone or iTouch for someone to use because they got their phone taken away. Parents: if you take away your child’s phone at least once a week, they most definitely have a couple spare devices hiding in the back of their closet. They probably have separate apps for their text convos just in case you look through their phone and if you don’t even let them use basic social media, then they definitely have those too on their fake phone! I mean, how do you expect to take away a teenager’s phone for so long without them having a backup? Literally impossible.

5. Changing at school

*Sigh.* I have to say this one frustrates me the most. Overly moderate and conservative parents basically promote changing at school when they don’t even let their daughter wear a short sleeved shirt. Newsflash: parents aren’t with their kids at school 24/7. Once they’re in school they can basically do whatever the heck they want. Oh, and schools have bathrooms…which means they can easily change into clothes. Even if the parents are the one buying them all their clothes, they have friends to borrow clothes from, duh.

6. Just calm yourself 

Your kids will turn out fine, I promise. The only question is whether you’ll survive their growing up. That’s the one thing that I’ve yet to figure out.

  • Fatima Ali is at the University of San Francisco, studying Politics and Computer Science. She's passionate about journalism and social justice, and believes that everyone's voice deserves to be heard. When she's not writing a new article for her school newspaper, she's most likely watching Empire, online shopping, or obsessing over makeup.