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ASK SAMAA: I’m tired of looking frumpy next to my friends


The Tempest

Dear Samaa,

I’m into fashion and beauty as much as anyone, but I’ve never had the means to achieve my “true potential” when it comes to styling myself. Most of my friends are rich kids who can afford expensive clothing, makeup, and accessories— a lot of them even take makeup and fashion classes to enhance their look even further. Although I like the clothes I own, I’ll wear them to a social gathering and end up feeling like a frumpy old grandma next to my friends’ cool outfits.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can style my makeup and clothes in a (budget-friendly) way that’ll make me feel more confident about what I wear? 

Thanks, you’re the best!

Fashionista on a budget


Dear Fashionista,

I love that you are into fashion and cultivating your own style! The main thing, that I always say, is never compare yourself to anyone else. Ballin’ on a budget is an absolute attainable reality, and in fact, it’s often the cooler way to style yourself!

[bctt tweet=”Ballin’ on a budget is an absolute attainable reality.”]

My best advice is to follow cool street-style fashion blogs, and either try to replicate their style by buying the clothes they recommend, or DIY certain pieces that you like. Lookbook is a great place to browse. Personally, I love Nadia Aboulhosn – she’s super gorgeous and really nice in person (yup, I got to meet her!) – who started from very humble beginnings. Although she’s pretty famous now, and has her own collections with Addition Elle, she used to buy a lot of clothes from vintage stores, thrift stores, and customize her pieces.

  1. Why not take a page out of Nadia’s book and try something similar? Check out vintage, thrift, consignment, or charity shops in your area – they are likely to have cool, unique finds for really reasonable prices!
  1. Check out sites like http://www.pennychic.com/, http://www.thebudgetbabe.com/ and http://frugal-fashionistas.com/ that create super stylish, inexpensive looks!
  1. Spice up pieces you already own! Here are some great tips and suggestions!
  1. Buy classic basics in neutral colors, which will always be stylish, and jazz your outfits up with accessories, jewelry, bags, and shoes!
  1. Shop at trendy, affordable stores like Forever 21, H&M, Boohoo, ASOS, and Garage. I am 24 years old and pretty much all my clothes cost less than $50 each. Trust me, you do not need to spend a lot of $$$ to look fashionable and put together!

I hope that helps!



Do you have any questions for Samaa? 

Send all of your questions about body positivity, confidence, and fashion to asksamaa@comingoffaith.com


  • Samaa Ahmed is an artist, blogger, and innovator based in Toronto, Canada. She runs wearivebeen.com and tweets at @hashtagsamaa.

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