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You’re a #TerroristSympathiser if you oppose airstrikes on Syria – so says David Cameron

According to David Cameron, MPs who vote against bombing in Syria are “terrorist sympathisers.”

Not everyone was happy with this accusation, especially Alex Salmond, Scottish National Party MP.

Over 100,000 British citizens have voted against military action in Syria against (non) IS in response to the Paris attacks. YouGov polls show that only 48% of UK public back the airstrikes. Thousands of protestors marched in parliament earlier on Tuesday evening, calling on MPs to vote against the strikes to Syria.

On Wednesday morning, the top twitter trend in the UK was #terroristsympathiser. Thousands of people tweeted their fury at Cameron’s comment, with a pinch of sarcastic British humor.
















With less than half of the British population backing the Prime Minister’s proposed plans on bombing Syria, many, like myself, are left wondering why we haven’t learnt from past precedent. In 2003, the one million march against the war in Iraq took place, and was one of the largest demonstrations in UK history. Only 29% of people were in favor of the war and an overwhelming 52% were in opposition to the war in Iraq. Despite this, Tony Blair’s government still invaded Iraq. It is therefore no surprise that people are frustrated with the actions of the British government.

In recent months, we have seen large numbers of Syrian refugees fleeing Syria. Why, then, would the British government bomb the very place that these people are leaving? There is really no tangible outcome in doing so. Airstrikes in Syria will inevitably create more bloodshed, deaths and increase the number of refugees.

The British government fails to look after its own citizens from cuts in education and the NHS, yet we are willing to spend UK taxpayers’ money on bombing a country which for the last few years has been completely destroyed.

If you’re a British citizen or UK resident you can vote against airstrikes on Syria here: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/113064

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