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Step away from the wedding hashtag generator and try these 10 tips instead

You don’t have to say “I do” to a basic wedding hashtag.

Like everything about our weddings, we want it to be perfect: and the little details like the hashtag make a huge difference. After all, how else will you show off how perfect your day was to all of your Instagram followers?

Show them your game is way ahead of theirs with these tips.

1.  How about making sure your wedding hashtag goes punny? Like, really punny.


Start with your names. Say, for example, the last name is Singh – you could come up with something like #SinghinAtOurWedding.

Sure, you might get a few groans from your guests, but they’ll already be teasing you for your cute romance — make them suffer a little bit. If you love fruits, go for #ThePerfectPear. Revel in the cringes. This day is all about you.

2. All fun and all games: play on words.


An old co-worker of mine just got married and had this same dilemma. The new last name was going to be “Abboud” so she went with #happilyeverabboud, a play on #happilyeverafter. It’s romantic and clever, all in one. BOOM.

Think of your favorite songs, or start with popular phrases, such as #KhantGetEnough. Jokes and references work best here too, like #OneHalalofaWedding.

3. If you can do it for your wardrobe, do it for your hashtag: mix and match.


Come up with your own new name together. Examples include #Brangelina or #Kimye. Don’t deny it — those hours on Tumblr has led you to forever yearning for a ship name between you and your significant other.

You’ll feel even more like a star as you trot down that aisle, with your partner-to-be just as high-rolling as you. And there will be plenty of people celebrating everything your relationship has gone through.

4. Say it with me: alliteration is all right.


There’s no harm in opting for #MrandMrsMalik or #HappilyEverElaasar. Chances are, it’s easier to find a word that has the same letter as one of your names rather than making a pun out of it — and besides, it’ll literally roll off the tongue and on the screen.

5. There’s no time like rhyme time.


Almost like poetry, isn’t it? This is good whether you’re keeping your last names or not. #RoarForTheKaurs can keep just one name, but you can also combine both: #VegaAndOrtega.

If you really want to take it up a notch, feature a special characteristic of yours, like #EyebrowsAndVows. Whoever said you couldn’t have your eyebrows and wedding hashtag on fleek?

6. Save the date, and hashtag it too.


Sometimes your tag is taken, but don’t stop there. You might be able to add the year at the end and change the beginning — so #HB2015, for example, or #Zehyoue2015.

Then take it up a notch. Maybe you did find a ship name for you two after all, but if it was already taken, adding a few numbers will show others that you’re ready to last until forever.

7. The world is your oyster, and so’s your venue.


If the date and others are taken, shoot for location. And don’t make it boring, either: add words like “own” or “conquer.” You’ll be poor anyway after the celebration, so why not dream a little?

There are plenty you can do, even combining some of the advice from earlier: #AliandSamTakeNYC or #HappiLEEinDetroit.

8. An inside joke


These will give you some unique hashtags, no doubt.

Think of some of the funniest times you’ve spent together or an event that you two will never forget. I guarantee no one else will have something like #WorbarWedding or #GluedLegos. It’ll generate conversation with all of the guests you’ve had at every walk of life, and make things less awkward between your uncle and your sort-of friend.

9. Another category for your hashtag?  Themes.


Love life in the limelight? Think your wedding is so creative, you’ll end up in Huffington Post?

Better make it as accessible as possible: if your wedding is based on a book or movie, build your hashtag around it. If you’re this couple, who based their wedding off of the Princess Bride, you could do something like #AsYouWish2015.

10. Nicknames – they’ll never fail you


Lord knows our parents have given us nicknames, some of them ridiculous and embarrassing. Chances are your fiancé has one for you, too.

So, why not combine the two and just add an “and” in the middle? It’s just another thing you’ll have to deal with about them: from their sleeping habits to their weird nickname.

And your last resort: there’s always this hashtag generator too.

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