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Guess who’s teaching girls to hack their crafts?

From a start up to a full blown business, blink blink is magic.

From computer engineer Barbie to CODEGIRL, there are many recent efforts to increase girls’ engagement in male-dominated science, technology, engineering, and math fields.

Now, blink blink is teaching young women and girls to hack their crafts.

The company has designed creative circuit kits for girls to combine the worlds of technology, fashion, and DIY with circuit materials to create amazing wearable technology: circuit sculptures, LED light switched, light-studded backpacks and necklaces and more.

CEO and former aerospace engineer Nicole Messier fell in love with the world of coding and technology after studying at the Parsons School of Design, and soon dedicated her time to finding a way for young girls to experiment with technology in a creative way.

Backed by a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $29,000, the Creative Circuit Kit was born.

With the help of her co-founder Alex Tosti, the women created a series of different kits designed to combine fashion with technology. Users can pre-order a kit online (the Paper Circuit Kit costs $39, while the Possibilities kit is $89) and follow along with the blink blink’s DIY tutorials to customize and design their own hacked crafts.

Tosti believes the kits will help “invite and inspire girls to start tinkering and making with technology” in a playful and friendly environment, according to their website.

The kits intertwine useful STEM skills with art and fashion to create something that girls will universally enjoy. So far, the result has been a resounding “yes, please!”

With the Circuit Kits, users can make anything from headbands, light up cards and masks, book covers, jewelry, decorations and more. blink blink teaches young girls about designing, circuit theory and electricity, and engineering skills to utilize the kits.

According to Makezine, Messier initially hosted after-school workshops to work with the girls in developing these interactive crafts and showing girls how to use the technology. When exposing them to the idea of the Circuit kits, she got positive feedback and even let the girls play a part in designing the material. Aside from their growing creativity, these girls had also gained crucial leadership skills by constructing their own crafts. Since then, they’ve hosted more than 100 such hands-on workshops.

Girls can even share their creations by sending them into the blink blink website, where they can be showcased before the world. The opportunities are endless with these circuit kits, as you have the freedom to make whatever you want.