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Here’s how to keep your skin radiant this winter

Say goodbye to flaky, dry skin and hello to beautiful radiant skin for the winter.

If there’s one thing I hate about the cold weather, it’s the fact that my skin goes crazy as heck and dries up like none other. It’s so easy to maintain a summer glow but what about when that gorgeous tan and hydrated skin disappears? Using fake tan and shimmery lotions is NOT the answer, I promise. Transitioning your skin care routine from summer into the fall months isn’t super hard either. You probably only need to switch out one or two products, depending on your skin type and how ratchet your skin really gets during this time.

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I have combination skin. I get dry around my nose and mouth but I can get oily around my T – zone pretty easily. By switching out my moisturizer and incorporating a heavy duty serum into my daily skin care routine, I no longer have to suffer from severe dryness. Plus, giving your skin the proper attention and care that it deserves means smoother makeup and radiant skin.

Here are a few tips to switch around your skin care routine in time for the cold winter months:

1. Use a moisturizing oil once a week.

Lately, I’ve been super obsessed with using oils in my nightly skincare routine. Oils are packed full with benefits for your skin and are incredibly moisturizing. I use them 1-2 times a week after I use a heavy duty mask or scrub to clean my skin. I like to use them at night so they have time to soak into my skin by the morning time.

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My skin feels amazing and looks radiant and bright in the morning. This is the KEY to beautiful, smooth skin for the winter! My favorite one is the Tarte Maracuja Oil from Sephora. It’s not too heavy, but if you have excessive dry skin, it will definitely help you out. My other favorites are both from Josie Maran, who basically specializes in Argan oil infused products. Try out her Pure Argan Oil or Pure Argan Milk for a real treatment.

2. Switch out your cleanser.

Depending on your skin type, this step could go two different ways for you. If you have sensitive skin, switch out your normal cleanser for something a little creamier in texture and that won’t strip away all the moisture out of your skin. Look for “creamy” or “moisturizing” in the title. These cleansers will restore the moisture back into your skin while you’re cleansing.

If your skin is excessively dry, try a deep cleaning scrub. My favorite is the St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Because of the colder season, I try not to use it as much, but I’ve found that sometimes you just need to go for a scrub to take away all the dryness and dead skin away. It works wonders and this product always leaves my skin looking and feeling great.

Using moisturizing face masks once or twice a week will also dramatically improve the condition of your skin. Look for masks with specific hydrating benefits.

3. Opt out of washing your face every morning/ night.

Washing your face with a heavy cleanser twice a day is the WORST thing you can do to your skin. It’s incredibly harsh on the skin and you really don’t need to scrub away your face in the morning after that intensive night time routine. You should always deep cleanse your skin at night, especially if you’re wearing a full face of makeup. Just a face wipe is never enough!

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After you use your nighttime products and let them soak in throughout the night, there’s no need to wash your skin all over again in the morning. Splash your face with some water and maybe use a light toner to remove any excess makeup. Washing your face excessively just leads to drier skin.

4. Buy a super moisturizing night cream.

The normal moisturizer you’ve been using for your nighttime routine probably isn’t best suited for the cold winter months. Look for a heavier moisturizer. If you have oily skin, you might want to look for a night cream in a gel consistency since it won’t be as heavy and is less likely to break you out. My favorite nighttime is the Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream from The Body Shop. It has a thick creamy consistency that takes care of all my dryness.

5. Start using a serum.

If you don’t already use a serum, you might want to look into using this to lock in some extra moisture. I use my Vitamin E Moisture Serum before my night cream to store the extra moisture. This extra step acts like a “pre-moisturizer” to hydrate your skin even more. You can even use it in the morning as a makeup primer.

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These tips will keep your skin looking dewy and hydrated for the brutal winter months ahead of us. Make sure you’re using the right products for your skin type and researching ahead of time to see what will suit your skin best.

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