Gender, Inequality

Ignorant people are still running their mouths and I’m tired

So when you say, "Men don't need a day for themselves, they have the world," think about who you're talking about.

November 19, 2015 was International Men’s Day, and a lot of people had a problem with it. All I saw yesterday were people complaining about men having a day where they could be appreciated. I completely understand where people are coming from when they say, “International Men’s Day is stupid, men already rule the world.”

As much as I hate to admit it, since the beginning of time, men have been running the world we live in. They’ve set the rules for the world we live in, they’ve been our presidents and our religious authority figures. So why do they need a day? Think about it.

Really, think about it.

International Men’s Day was made to celebrate the positive achievements men made in this world, to improve gender equality, to raise awareness about men with health issues, and to shed light on the men that society seems to constantly forget about.

So when you say, “Men don’t need a day for themselves, they have the world,” think about who you’re talking about.

Think about the men who actually had a positive impact on this world, the men who are rape victims, the men with mental illnesses and physically disabilities, the men who are discriminated against and killed for their skin color or religion, the men who don’t seem to fit societies beauty standards, the men who are shamed for their femininity and sexuality, and the trans men who ARE men but are constantly being treated like they’re not.

Are those the men you were referring to?

We get it, you don’t want men to have their own day, because you’re too focused on your own feminist agenda. But are you really a feminist, if you’re only focusing on yourself?

*sips tea*

I didn’t think so.