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Anonymous allegedly took down 5,500 ISIS accounts today – and it’s still out for blood

It looks like ISIS doesn't stand a chance, because Anonymous isn't playing games. 

A day after Anonymous declared war on ISIS following the Paris attacks, the hacktivist group has allegedly already taken down over 5,500 Twitter accounts linked to different ISIS members and their associates. Operating under the #OpParis hashtag, they’re centralizing all ISIS accounts on a website. The website is called #opIceISIS and will index ISIS members based on their real name, location, picture, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts.

In the words of the @opparisofficial account, this operation isn’t just about Paris: “As much as we care about Paris, it’s not all about them. Don’t forget about other countries like Lebanon…Syria, etc. who also suffer.”

They’ve been busy.


Here’s the initial threat that Anonymous made towards ISIS operatives:


Besides scanning for ISIS Twitter accounts themselves, the hacking group has also opened access to the site to those interested. Anyone who comes across ISIS social media accounts can easily search the database and report any new terrorists and supporters.

ISIS, you might have terrorized the lives of innocents around the world, but now retribution is on the way.