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Here’s your movie watching list for the month

What better way to spend this Thanksgiving weekend then by getting yourself into the holiday spirit (or doing the complete opposite)?

Ah, November has sneaked up on us once again. Now it’s time for colder weather, all the holiday vibes, and best of all- Thanksgiving. If you’re uber excited for the holiday season and this Thanksgiving, here’s your movie watching list for this month.

Since I don’t celebrate Christmas, November is my favorite month because of all the holiday vibes you start to get. Not to mention Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping. And even though I don’t traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving, there’s nothing like a family get together filled with obnoxious kids running around, awkward dinner table conversations, and a TON of food.

And for those of us who have Thanksgiving break, what better way to spend that time cuddling up in your pajamas and watching movies all day?  I absolutely love waking up to a rainy day and staying in bed literally all day to watch movies.

Here are 10 movies you need to watch this month:

1. Home for the Holidays 

2. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles 

3. Pieces of April

4. An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving


5. The New World

6. Son-in-Law


7. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 

8. The House of Yes 

9. Dutch


10. Grumpy Old Men


Cheers to the upcoming November filled with countless movies and an insane amount of Thanksgiving leftovers.