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20 beautifully intricate henna designs that’ll blow your mind

I am breathless.

Ever since I was little, I’ve spent every holiday and wedding season sitting at the kitchen table, getting my henna done by my mother. She would cover my hands and wrists with flowers, paisley drops, and other mandala-like designs. The stuff stinks, but there’s a kind of comfort associated with the memories of it too.

The practice of using organic dye to decorate the skin is most popular in the Middle East, India, and Pakistan. Large flowers are more indicative of an Arab artist, while Indian and Pakistani artists incorporate smaller, geometric designs and typically cover more area.

We’ve all experienced the struggles involved with getting henna done. Picking a design and carving out a few hours is honestly half the battle. And once you’ve found someone willing to sit down with you, mustering the patience to sit still as the henna tip tickles your skin is the second battle. Not to mention the arduous wait for the paste to dry and subsequently flake off.

Honestly, though, these designs are so incredibly gorgeous, they’ll make you want to hit up your local henna artist ASAP and cover your entire arms in henna too, struggles and all.

1. With detail like this, you can’t go wrong

@almasbridalhenna / Via

2. Finger-to-elbow perfection

@mpsinghphotography / Via

3. Is it just me or does this look painted on with SILK!?

@allthingshenna_  / Via

4. Symmetry is SO aesthetic

@kamsmehndi  / Via

5. Delicate. Defined. Dreamy.

@atlantahennastudio / Via

6. Red nails complete this look!

@hennabydivya  / Via

7. You DO NOT want to smudge this!

@tanuusmani_henna   / Via

8. Spot the bride and groom

@hussainmaaz  / Via

9. Henna: the ultimate princess accessory

@amansmehndi / Via

10. Okay, but like, is this real life!?

@henna_by_taj / Via

11. Henna like this does not happen in an hour

@hussainmaaz / Via

12. *mesmerized*

@zubhahenna / Via

13. I could stare at this forever

@neha_beauty90 / Via

14. You can’t go wrong with a classic

@zoipetrosyan / Via

15. Absolutely geometrical. Count. Me. IN!

@bysoor  / Via

16. Wow

@leedsmehndi / Via

17. Decadently dramatic

@shaadiwish / Via

18. I love those city skyline details!

@minal_beauty / Via

19. There’s nothing Victorian about these lace gloves…

@sarashenna / Via

20. Ah, wedding bliss!

@wedmewell / Via

Are you just as blown away by these as I am?