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These 5 female badass podcasts will have you ROFL-ing

I’ve come to realize that the podcast world is dominated by men. So here are some awesome lady podcasts for you.

The other day, I ditched the crappy morning radio and listened to a podcast in the car instead (okay, it was for homework, but still). I was a little weirded out because I had never listened to anything besides the morning radio show before.

Turns out, I really liked the experience. The content wasn’t hard to follow, and the music/special effects made it aurally engaging.

There’s a podcast out there for literally everything and everyone. There are even podcast search engines and directories to help you navigate them all. It’s a world I previously knew very little about. So naturally, I took to Google to find a few comedy podcasts to try out.

So, now I want to share five female podcasters with you who will seriously have you laughing during your morning commute:

1. Josie Long from Lost Treasures of The Black Heart


Josie Long (above) is a British stand-up comedian. Her podcast (and live show) Lost Treasures of the Black Heart brings acts from the “world of comedy, writing and music… to present short sets on unsung heroes or ‘lost treasures.'” The podcasts are recordings from the live shows she does, so you’ll have to pardon the noise from the audience. You can download her podcasts here

2. Slate Magazine Regulars from DoubleX Gabfest    

DoubleX Gabfest is a podcast series hosted by Slate magazine. Series regulars Noreen Malone, Hanna Rosin, and June Thomas tackle topics from Donald Trump’s sexism to Amy Schumer. They discuss topics candidly, and it feels like you’re right there listening to their round-table conversation over a cup of coffee. You can find all their podcasts on Soundcloud here.

3. Emily Heller and Lisa Hanawalt from Baby Geniuses


Baby Geniuses is a podcast for “people who know stuff and people who don’t know stuff, but would like to.” The show is co-hosted by comedian Emily Heller and cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt who are both best friends and super-geniuses. Every episode features a new guest to teach the audience about literally anything and everything. You can find their podcasts here.

4. Aisha Tyler from Girl on Guy


Aisha Tyler, a comedian, actress, and author, hosts her own podcast show called Girl on Guy. It covers everything from art to video games, failure, and rock music. In 2011 it won the “iTunes best comedy podcast” award and was a 2012 Stitcher award nominee. You can find the podcast here.

5. Jen Kirkman from I Seem Fun


Jen Kirkman (above) is a stand-up comedian and author of “I Can Barely Take Care of Myself.” Her podcast, I Seem Fun, is a collection of her own musings and witty remarks on basically everything that’s on her mind. Her podcast episodes can be found here.

I am totally going to get into podcasts now. Better to join the bandwagon late than never, right?

By Asma Elgamal

Asma Elgamal is our Head News + Society Editor at The Tempest. She's currently a student at Harvard University.

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