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Anonymous released its list of alleged KKK, and the list includes an FBI Informant

Anonymous has made good on its promise to release the list of alleged KKK members.

Despite confusion regarding an info “leak” this past Monday, Anonymous released its official list this afternoon.

The list begins with a sort of preamble, citing the KKK as a de-centralized group that perpetuates its “hateful ideology through acts of terror.”

Anonymous justifies its actions in the following statement:

We defend free thought and free speech. The anons responsible for this operation will not support *acts* of terrorism and *acts* of hate inflicted upon the public. The KKK is part of an important cultural landscape and history in the United States. We need to make room for important, blunt, honest, public, productive conversation. Violent bigotry IS a problem in the United States. This is not a colorblind society. It deeply divided on racial lines.

Data was collected by these online hacktivists over a time period of about almost a year and claims each individual has been confirmed by either human or open source intelligence.



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Earlier this week, a less thorough list was released on pastebin by YourAnonNews. However, it was rebuked shortly after its release by the official Operation KKK Twitter account, claiming they could not “confirm, deny, or take credit for any work we did not do.”

Many alleged members listed most recently have deactivated their Facebook profiles over the past few days, fueling speculation on their affiliation.

LoyalWhiteKnights, a social media/networking platform supported by Spruz, has also been deactivated or moved from the public domain.

According to the list, the most active klans are located within the Midwest and South, with a few exceptions on the East Coast.

Listed among others is Imperial Wizard Christopher Eugene Barker, a current FBI informant for the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.


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Shaun Winkler, former candidate for Idaho sheriff and convicted batterer, is also listed. He hosted a cross burning ceremony and invited the media to attend in an attempt to garner support for his campaign for sheriff of Bonner County a few years ago.

In this photo taken March 28, 2012, white supremacist Shaun Winkler, who is running for Bonner County sheriff, is shown in Rathdrum, Idaho. The white power activist is running as a Republican in the May 15 Bonner County primary to become the top law enforcement officer. Winkler said despite the white supremacist beliefs he holds as a KKK imperial wizard, his brand of justice would be color blind. (AP Photo/Nicholas K. Geranios)

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Several alleged members are also labeled as neo-nazis, nazi sympathizers, and Confederate sympathizers and self-proclaimed “skinheads.”

Given the previous circumstances, it behooves the public to proceed with an air of caution. However, the gravity of the situation requires special attention.

Side note: several names have already been removed from the list for further investigation in an attempt to assure accurate information.