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France isn’t progressive for giving away food

No country is perfect. No country hits all parts of human rights. But this is fact: France still has a lot of work to do.

But you know what else France has banned? Just a few human rights, that’s all.

Let’s not forget the burqa and turban bans, part of France’s law on “wearing of symbols or garb which show religious affiliation in public primary and secondary schools.”

So let me get this straight, France… it’s not okay for a woman to choose to wear a burqa, but it’s okay for extremists to attack people in your country? Long skirts are apparently an issue, too, but going topless and ambushing Islamic conferences isn’t.

You’ll shake your head at Sikhs for “overly religious attire” in schools, and your best attempt at “secularity” is removing parts of people’s culture that isn’t Catholic.

Progression isn’t taking one step forward and another step back.

You can’t say that you fight for freedom and take those freedoms away. Liberty isn’t a pick-and-choose kind of deal; it’s the whole package. Take it or leave it.

While I’m happy that less people will starve and less money will go down the train from transportation costs, I’m still unnerved at France’s hypocrisy. Progress isn’t and will never be making things easier for a xenophobic, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, Sikhophobic, and racist society.

Human rights are still at stake, France.

Don’t get me started on how you thought defending hate speech by Charlie Hebdo made you more “free” — maybe you thought it did, but the Jews you attacked afterward can’t agree with that.

It frightens me that people are saying that we should follow in your example, because they don’t realize that that in many cases it’s a horrifying one.

No country is perfect. No country hits all parts of human rights.

But this is fact: France still has a lot of work to do.

By Hannah Alkadi

Lady Hannah Alkadi is a Muslim revert, designer, writer, and list maker. She currently studies Mass Communication at Louisiana State University and ukulele on YouTube. Besides watching cat videos, she enjoys learning languages, watching Steven Universe, and discussing micronations.

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