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Here’s why I sort of celebrate Halloween

Halloween means pumpkins. Pumpkins means fall. Fall means cozy sweaters and darker lip colors.

Ah, the day has finally come where people dress up as either things they want to be, things they can’t be, or things they really shouldn’t be dressing up as. Growing up, I’ve always been intrigued by Halloween even though I don’t necessarily “celebrate” it in my culture. In fact, my parents always used to tell me that I wasn’t allowed to participate in the dressing up and trick-or-treating, but I did it regardless.

Aside from all of the children going crazy running around trick-or-treating, and the “scary” Halloween decorations that all my neighbors put up, Halloween isn’t all that bad. It’s actually quite interesting when you look into the history of Halloween and see why we actually celebrate it.

Every year when Halloween comes around, it’s been celebrated in some type of way. In elementary school, it meant going all out with your costume and bringing candy for everyone. In middle school, it was about trying to look cool but still festive and there was barely candy involved. And now in high school, you either care a LOT or not at all about Halloween.

So why do I still sort of celebrate it? I’ll be honest, I love everything scary. Horror movies, haunted houses, roller coasters – you name it, I love it. And not gonna lie, I’ve dressed up in traditional clothing for a majority of my Halloween years as a “Desi princess” or “Pakistani bride,” but the festivities of Halloween just excite me.

Like what’s more fun than a day where everyone can just pretend to be something they’re not and eat a whole lot of candy? The main reason I love Halloween, though, is definitely because of all the candy. Everything’s on sale and I can’t resist candy corn, which ONLY comes in stores during this time. But Halloween also means something else for me.

Halloween means pumpkins. Pumpkins means that fall is finally here in California. Fall means darker lip colors, sweaters, scarves, boots, and the final stretch before the New Year. So, yeah, why wouldn’t I enjoy Halloween?

With that being said, it doesn’t mean that I take Halloween seriously. Sure I like to dress up and I like the festivities, but I’m not that one person who calls everyone out for not dressing up. Neither am I the person who gets UBER excited about the day.

But whether I’m Minnie Mouse (which I was for the past 2 years in a row, oops), or just working my traditional clothing to get more candy, I always have fun on Halloween. And quite frankly, I think most people get a kick out of the holiday. I mean, what’s the harm? And if you don’t like scary things, just stay in all night during Halloween to avoid the ridiculous costumes and decorated houses.