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These 10 plugins will change the way you Internet

One of these lets you turn every mention of “Donald Trump” on the web to “The Biggest Moron in the United States.” For free.

Tabs that won’t shut up, ads that pop up everywhere, and getting cheated on prices – you just can’t ignore the new reality of our web browsing experience.

Save your sanity, and some money too, with these free browser plugins.

1. Adblock Plus

Ad block plus logo
Ad block plus logo via wikipedia

We all know how frustrating ads are. Ever had your cute cat videos get intercepted by a 30 second ad? Ever had a pop-up attack you when we’re harmlessly trying to shop? Here’s how to avoid them all.

Adblock Plus is on a variety of browsers, and even offer their own app for phones.

2. Fount

Fount Homepage
Fount Homepage via

If you’re a designer like me, you’re fascinated by the gorgeous variety of fonts all over the web. But I also get infuriated when I can’t pin down the name of the font for something cool I just saw. Fount helps solve that problem by nestling right into your Bookmarks. Just click it, highlight your font, and celebrate.

3. Image Search Options

Image search menu
Example of image search option via chrome web store

For those of us who can’t seem to find the source to a gorgeous image, this extension for Chrome and Firefox is there for you. You’ll never be accused of plagiarism again with Image Search Options.

4. Panic Button Plus

Webpage with panic button extension
Panic button extension via chrome web store

Remember the terror of your parent walking into your room while you were on that not-so-academic website? Fear no more. PanicButton for Chrome hide all your tabs as soon as you click it, giving the illusion of an empty browser. When the coast is clear, just click again and your tabs will come back.

5. Ponify

Ponify shortcuts
Ponify Example via

This one is really just for hilarity. Say, for example, you can’t stand the enthusiasm for the Kardashians. With Ponify, you can replace “Kardashians” to “Butts” or “Donald Trump” to “The Biggest Idiot in the United States of America.” Laughter for hours.

6. WOT

web of trust logo
Web of Trust logo via

None of us like viruses or scams, and that’s what WOT understands. Each website gets a rating based on trustworthiness and child safety. Good websites are green, red are bad. So easy, your grandpa could handle it.

7. The Great Suspender

A slept tab
Example of the great suspender via chrome web store

My mind has a million tabs open at any given point, so what makes me think that I can manage a browser on top of that? The Great Suspender saves your battery power by suspending a tab you aren’t using. If you remember that you need that tab, don’t worry, just click to reload.

8. Prioritab

Prioritab homepage
Prioritab homepage via chrome web store

Prioritab is a nice way to get your life in order. Not only can you add your priorities for the day, week, and month, it gives you percentages of how far you are through the day, month, and year (which I like, because I often open new tabs to try and find that exact information).

9. Honey

Honey logo with slogan and falling money
Honey logo and slogan via

Finding online coupons is a chore. Honey automatically detects which coupons are eligible on a site and sends them straight your way. Everything from free shipping to 50% off. Another bonus from Honey is their rewards program. So, yeah, add this one now.

10. Pocket

Pocket logo on red background
Pocket logo via google play web store

I love reading news stories online, and so do you — but another similarity between us is that we find articles in passing on our feeds, and never really read much past the headline. Pocket lets you save the article in a nifty queue where you can read it later.

But there’s tons of other options for it too: saving recipes, photos, or blog entries. All when you’re ready to look through them.

By Hannah Alkadi

Lady Hannah Alkadi is a Muslim revert, designer, writer, and list maker. She currently studies Mass Communication at Louisiana State University and ukulele on YouTube. Besides watching cat videos, she enjoys learning languages, watching Steven Universe, and discussing micronations.

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