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Social Media addicts definitely need to understand these 10 things

It’s Schrödinger’s tweet: just because you made a post doesn’t mean that people saw it.

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing people my age assume they know everything about technology and Social Media just because they grew up with it. I’m no expert either – but come on, people.

It’s Schrödinger’s tweet: just because you made the post doesn’t mean that people saw it.

1. Posting it doesn’t mean it’ll be seen

“Post this status update right now… at Friday on a 6 p.m.” 

You mean, the time that people are definitely not at their computers? Like going out to eat and enjoying their weekend, and not looking at their social media?

Whatever you say, boss. Which leads me to my next point:

2. Timing is everything

I wish I could just tell you “yeah, just post at lunchtime,” like every other social media advice blog — but honestly, it depends. If you look at your analytics and see that most of your audience is active at 3 a.m., then sure, post there. But don’t post at 5 a.m in the morning if no one is active.

3. Likes and follows mean NOTHING — it’s all about engagement

A slow clap for all the people who think that favorites and likes mean something.

Think of it this way: would you rather have people who see something, just tell you it’s cool, or would you rather have people who scream excitedly at the sight of it and tell all of their friends?

(Hint: if you’re lost, you want the latter).

4. Privacy doesn’t exist on the Internet

It astounds me how so many people freak out when a photo of them drinking or cursing shows up on the Internet. Before you give anyone your social media, especially employers, you should scrub it until it shines.

And to top it all off: trying to keep things private causes suspicion. Good luck keeping your composure when your interviewer asks you to log in to your Facebook in front of them.

5. Adding multiple hashtags doesn’t help

#gif #snl #justintimberlake #jimmyfallon #humanbeings #fingers #men #air #hair #eyes #ears #faces

See what I mean?


Your organization is having a meeting? That’s great. Where is it? What time is it? Who will be there? What will you discuss?

You’ve got to clarify things — and if you keep getting comments on that post about the details, you know you messed up. Save your audience and yourself the trouble by giving everyone the context behind your post.

7. I need an update, not a Bible

Piggybacking on my previous point, don’t overload it. Twitter has a limit, and so should your posts on your other social media accounts.

Even when people do “like” you, they like you when you get to the point and when you aren’t wasting their time.

8. Post, repeat. Post, repeat

If you have an event coming up at the end of the week, you can’t post one reminder and expect people to show up. Try two or three days during the week, including the day of. This might be a shocker, but people will forget. You have to be there to tell as many people as possible.

9. Shut up. At least, sometimes

I know I just said you need to post frequently. But if you post too much, people will get frustrated — meaning they’ll unfollow you.

Have a specific schedule that you keep to every day, and don’t overload your fans. Even big corporations like McDonald’s know to only post a few times a day.

10. Understand your audience


Perhaps the most important tip. Don’t speak like a lawyer if you’re marketing to college students. Don’t use slang if you’re a professional organization.

Give them content that they’ll be excited about, not want to fall asleep over.

By Hannah Alkadi

Lady Hannah Alkadi is a Muslim revert, designer, writer, and list maker. She currently studies Mass Communication at Louisiana State University and ukulele on YouTube. Besides watching cat videos, she enjoys learning languages, watching Steven Universe, and discussing micronations.

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