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8 horror movies you need to watch this Halloween

Come on, who doesn't love the adrenaline rush from a good scary movie?

Horror movies are always a hit or miss. Paranormal movies are sometimes too cheesy and poorly directed, while other scary movies can be terribly gruesome. Whether you obsess over horror movies or not, here are some of the top 10 decently scary movies you need to watch this Halloween:

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1. The Babadook


If you love a classic scary monster movie, The Babadook is perfect. It’s mysterious yet incredibly terrifying. The movie follows a widowed mother with a son who has a fear of the dark. One day, the son finds a children’s book titled The Babadook and has his mother read it to him before bed. But the mother soon realizes that the book has a hidden tale, and she makes every attempt to try to destroy the book but nothing works. Soon, the Babadook taunts their family. You’ll have to watch the movie to see what happens next.

2. Paranormal Activity 


I know what you’re probably thinking. Paranormal Activity 1,2,3,4,5…will it ever end? Although the Paranormal series may be overrated, I’m personally a big fan. They’re not all that scary for paranormal movies and they follow a typical paranormal plot, but you have to admit it’s a classic. Each movie has a distinct yet captivating plot and the plot line itself will draw you in. Paranormal Activity 5: The Ghost Dimension is set to release next Friday, October 23rd.

3. The Silence of the Lambs


This intense film follows the twisted plot of an FBI agent pulled out of training in Quantico. When a murderer sets out across the Midwest to capture and skin all of his victims, young FBI agent Clarice Starling believes she has what it takes to track the killer. She begins talking to an incarcerated psychopath to uncover the mystery and eventually finds the murderer. A must watch for people who love both crime scenes and a solid scary movie.

4. The Conjuring


When a family of five move into an isolated house in Rhode Island, things start to get strange. The owners of the house contact paranormal investigators and try to uncover the mystery behind the house. However, what they discover is completely terrifying. Although it follows the typical paranormal plot with weird and random things happening to an innocent family, the movie is well directed and surprisingly terrifying.

5. The Woman in Black


One of my all time favorites. The Woman in Black features a London solicitor who is sent through work to travel to an isolated village. He must review the papers of the recently deceased woman residing in a strange haunted house. Soon he realizes the history behind the house and how the woman in black taunts the villagers. It’s a never ending series of tragic events.

6. Insidious 


This popular supernatural horror movie follows the story of a young boy who becomes possessed upon moving into a new house. The boy’s curiosity leads him into a coma, which his parents can’t seem to find a cure for. Strange figures start to appear in rooms and as the parents start to sense something deeply wrong, they call to find a paranormal investigator. Then, the investigator *almost* rids the family of their terror.

7. The Cabin in the Woods


This strange horror comedy film is definitely underrated. It’s weird, it’s scary, it’s funny, it’s everything you don’t find in a typical horror movie. Five college friends decide to vacation at a cabin house, until they start to realize the entire forest is engulfed with zombies and there may be no way out. Whew, not another expected paranormal movie.

8. Woman in Black 2 


Trying to escape WWII in London, a group of children travel with their two school teachers to a remote island with only one house. On the way there, they start to experience strange encounters, all while being warned of the area by multiple “residences.” Once they arrive at the mysterious mansion, the kids set sight on the woman in black one by one, and so begins their suffering.

You definitely need to check out one of these movies to get into the spooky and haunted spirit of Halloween this fall.

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