Chelsea Clinton just released It’s Your World and it’s already garnering worldwide attention. Clinton wrote the book mindful of younger teens, hoping to inspire them to go out, make change, and do something good for their community. The book itself is personal yet inspirational and Clinton’s perspective on global issues is uplifted by her inclusion of childhood experiences.

Throughout her book, Clinton is constantly giving readers a look into her life when she was younger. We also get additional insight into trips she made across the world when she was a teenager herself, like her trip to India. She uses the trip to discuss the distribution of wealth in the United States by contrasting the slums in India to extravagant wealth. She constantly shares her experiences and how they’ve affected the way she viewed her world, or even noticed cultural differences, as the book progresses. She even included a photocopy of a letter she once wrote to President Ronald Reagan addressing her distaste for his visit to a Nazi cemetery in Germany.

Clinton also covered multiple international issues thoroughly in her book. She breaks down the book into different sections, covering topics such as obesity, gender inequality, poverty, global warming, and more. The book was aimed towards younger children, and she really made an effort to educate the younger people on some of the most important issues in our world. A majority of the book is split between numerous charts and graphs covering simple topics such as climate change or types of cancer. She also includes a ton of personal pictures of her in her home town when she was younger. This makes the book more interesting as it becomes personable and really captivates young readers. It helps us understand more about our world in a different way as opposed to reading a written report or a book full of text we can’t relate to.

But at the same time, it almost felt like Clinton wasn’t able to connect with all of her audience. Children who are impoverished or don’t live in the most affluent communities wouldn’t be able to relate to Clinton’s experiences or viewpoint. She talks through her own perspective, the perspective of a highly intelligent and well educated woman who grew up in luxury and affluence. It can be hard for others to view the world in the same, privileged way she does in her book.

[bctt tweet=”It can be hard for others to view the world in the same, privileged way she does in her book.”]

I do, however, think that children will get inspired by reading It’s Your World. It portrays all the major global issues in an easy and comprehensive way for younger children to understand. I’m 17 and after reading Clinton’s book, I felt that even I had gained a better understanding of the major global issues on our world. It really goes to show how much a person can attain from a good piece of writing.

A couple days ago, I had the amazing opportunity to interview Clinton at a local book signing event. I was so excited to meet her that I was shaking while anticipating her arrival, especially since I was one of the first to meet and speak with her. Definitely an unforgettable moment! A friend and I asked her about the importance of children’s awareness to global issues and how to give back. Her response was genuine.

“I think we all have a responsibility to do whatever we can, as my grandmother said, ‘to expand the circle of blessing’,” Clinton said. “So whether that is helping to raise awareness, about the fact that 1 in 5 kids in our country is food insecure, or whether that’s about helping support food drives, or donating time at a food kitchen, I think we all really can do something and those that can, should do something.”

There’s a slight humor in some aspects of the book, like when Clinton mentions she also used to read Nancy Drew books growing up, or that she would always eat Cheerios for breakfast while discussing world relations with her parents. She makes the book relatable for her audience, making the book even more fun and comfortable to read.

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Clinton’s new book may save the world, even if she is speaking from a privileged perspective. Educating younger teenagers on major global issues can have several impacts on our younger generation. Whether it be a child who aspires to help decrease poverty in third world countries, or is inspired to find the cure to cancer, Clinton’s book is destined to leave an impact on our upcoming generation.

Overall, I’d give the book a 4/5 stars.

  • Fatima Ali

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