Desi kids obsessed with Harry Potter have had pretty few options for bringing a brown tinge into J.K. Rowling’s story. They can indulge in weird Patil-Potter shipping fanfic, dreamcasting Indian actors for a Bollywood adaptation, or read or watch the books in their native language.

Now, with the composer Tushal Lall and the Indian Jam Project‘s latest hit video, they can enjoy a positively magic classical Indian adaptation of five John Williams scores from the Potter movies.

Yeah. You read that correctly. Five John Williams scores fused into one gorgeous, surreal Indian classical arrangement. Prepare to have your chappal blown off.

Dat tabla tho. If you’re as entranced as I was, you’ll want to head over to the groups Soundcloud to download a free mp3 version so you can jam on the go.

Before you go there, though, spend a few minutes listening to the Indian Jam Project’s renditions of music from Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Interstellar and more.

  • Aysha Khan

    Aysha Khan is a journalist based in Baltimore, covering underrepresented communities and digital culture.