Tahereh Mafi has already taken the literary world by storm with her New York Times-bestselling “Shatter Me” series. Now, she’s wowing us with her creativity and spunk as she expresses herself through her social media accounts and lifestyle blog.

On top of being the spunky, creative individual she is, Tahereh just announced that her newest novel, Furthermore, will be available next summer. Oh, and ABC Signature Studios has optioned “Shatter Me” for a TV series.

Here are 15 times Tahereh oozed more uber-cool than the Internet knows what to do with.

1. When she flawlessly rocked print-on-print, with the perfect liner to boot.

oldie ◼️?⚪️?

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2. When she gave us serious shoe-envy.

márquez and olympia ?❤️???

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3. When her nails were way more on-point than ours will ever be.

4. When she looked like living art


5. When she had the wedding bibliophiles will forever envy.

☺️❤️? (photo: @brandon_wong photography)

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6. And had her bouquet made from pages of her husband’s NYT-bestselling book.

7. When she demonstrated her beautiful calligraphy skills.


8. When she looked amazing in black and blue.



9. When she made a dress. Out of paper.

10. When she smashed several mirrors and made her own “Shatter Me” shoes.

SHATTER ME shoes, complete! wheeeeeee

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11. When she took “jump shots” to a whole new level.

here's a sneak peek of something we shot for @stillincursive today! ☺️⬆️? // (more soooon!)

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12. When she rocked this photoshoot like nobody’s business.

nightlight adventures ? // ?: @stillincursive

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  13. When she had #bestfriendgoals


14. When she took plaid, stripes, and lace to the streets. 


15. When she made us want to have an #armparty of our own.


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